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Yes, I support Israel


Published on: 2013-02-24 @ 15:12


V. Pevznere


Is it fair to make this comparison?  Yes, if you think about it.  Today this patch of land is the main front of the battle between the powers of good and the powers of evil.  The struggle between these forces has always existed and will always continue to exist.  However, from time to time it acquires the character of war, and only the victory of the forces of good progresses civilisation.   New candidates for leaders and Fuhrers have armed themselves with the ideology of radical Islamism and its extremism, in order to achieve their expansionist goals.  They want to lead millions of Muslims under the banner of this Jihad ideology.  So far, they have succeeded, and in this lies great danger.

 So why Israel?

Because, similarly to the Munich Agreement, Israel and the rest of the world are again being pushed towards shameful concessions to evil, as a result of which we will once more get both “shame and war” (W. Churchill).   

Because the very proclamation by the Palestinian and other Arab leaders of the goal to annihilate Israel is a crime and an open call to evil.  If the international community is blind to this, it is complicit to the crime.

Because for the Jewish people, persecuted and oppressed for centuries, this Little Land emerged from the ashes of millions of burned Jews.  Israel’s destruction will lead to the resurrection of the fascism shattered in World War II.

Because this Little Land is the only springboard for democracy in the extremist Middle East.

Because, as in the old Jewish-Armenian joke, “Why should the Jews be saved? –  Because after they destroy the Jews, it will  be the Armenians’ turn”.  It is clear today, that everyone will be affected.

Surrendering Israel would be the beginning of the fulfilment of the prophecy, as in the joke.  No explanation is necessary as to what can be expected from the Islamist religious fanatics with nuclear weapons.  This scenario is for Hollywood, although the creation of such a prophetic film would not be allowed.  It would, however, be good to know what forces are behind this taboo.  What powers want to impose their evil will on the world?

In the case of Israel, the main goal of these powers is to force the international community to SURRENDER Israel; to perform a litmus test of the rate of decline of its moral standards.  To dictate such immorality to Europe and the US, who pronounced democracy, freedom and human rights as the most important values – is that not a victory?!


Using this immorality, they will make another attempt to destroy Israel by force.  According to experts’ estimates, this will lead to a dire catastrophe for the entire region.  After all, the people and the army of today’s Israel certainly use all their resources in order to defeat its enemies yet again.  Leaders and Fuhrers are not worried about victims, so this type of a development is quite feasible. 

So what are the methods of preparation for the accomplishment of this IMMORALITY?

The most advanced information technologies have been set up in order to serve this goal.  Like dogs trained to identify a specific smell, an array of leading controlled media search for, and if not found, falsify episodes of suffering Palestinians.  This information is then magnified by other media, and so it spreads around the world.   This serves as a basis for angry publications, cutting statements by politicians, and protest rallies.  There is no information about the exposure of these lies in these publications.  It is exactly as in the advice of Don Basilio from The Barber of Seville, to use SLANDER, which at first is “just a mere insinuation, reaching people’s ears and senses” and then “like a mighty canon roaring”, rips and shakes the world.  This slander leads to boycotts of Israeli goods and to its isolation in the scientific and cultural spheres.  Among the participants in these actions are politically unaware individuals who trust the media, but there are also those who are highly educated, whose participation, I believe, stems from personal anti-Semitism, which can be conveniently hidden behind the solidarity with the suffering Palestinians. 

Intimidation is also effective.  Terrorist acts in Spain, England and USA are carried out, using these countries’ support of Israel as the cause.  Muslim priests who advocate a peaceful interpretation of Islam are killed (in the Caucasus and in Tatarstan).  The President of Iran openly declares that thousands of suicide bombers are trained to carry out terrorist acts.

Against this background, anti-Semitism, which is no longer subject to shame, has reared its head.

The idea of insulted and offended practicing Muslims is widely used.  Offended over what? – Over a safe existence in developed countries?  Over the opportunity to use their museums, libraries, theatres, and to be near to or participate in the traditions and cultures of these countries?   It is utter nonsense, but the poisonous idea that “we cause insult” is actively implanted in the minds of innocent Europeans, who start renouncing their own traditions and culture.  This is not requested by the Muslim population.  It is done to please the puppeteers, who impose their will via these trifles.  These local victories encourage new demands, and in due course, they will require that the EU laws be amended to reflect the laws of the Shariah.  In some areas of England with Muslim populations, Islamist patrols are ALREADY enforcing Shariah laws.


Does this have anything to do with the struggle for the rights of the Palestinians?  Or is it controlled Muslim madness under various random pretexts?   These are all local operations, which are supposed to demonstrate the resources of the powers of evil and to intimidate the people and the politicians.  “If you do not surrender Israel, you will suffer yourselves”.  That is why there is no such thing as a concession to evil, nor compromise with it.  There is only victory, as in Stalingrad.

Victory can be achieved by:

  • Changing the national politics in European countries according to the criteria of “You have come here of your personal initiative, and it is not after your arrival, that the history, culture and traditions of this country began.  You must therefore be absolutely tolerant of everything that is in this country.  If this is not acceptable, then move to countries with Islamist constitutions and Shariah laws.”


  • Changing the attitude towards Israel and supporting it.


  • Waging a tough and active war on manifestations of Islamist extremism and terrorism.

The proclamation of such a strategy will be a clear signal to these powers, that their intentions have been discovered and that they will be rebuffed.  In order to realise this strategy, it is necessary to have the support of parties whose intention is to oppose radical Islamism.  There is also a need for the support of various public movements that try to gather and unite an international force to prevent an impending catastrophe.  It is crucial to expose radical Islamist policies camouflaging as the fight for Palestinian rights and as protection of believers from insults and defamation.

Nothing heroic is required in order to provide this support.  It is simply necessary to vote for those, who are ready to implement the strategy of fighting the evil of Islamist extremism and terrorism.  It is crucial not to overlook its manifestations, displays of anti-Semitism, slander and falsification.  It is important to report these facts on the websites of parties and public movements for consideration and legal assessment, so that if necessary, they would demand for measures to be taken by governmental structures.  In other words, it is necessary to unite all healthy forces against the green plague of the Jihad, so that one day the sun would not rise with a green shadow.


The translation of Olga Zvenyatsky.

Published by: Pewsner Wladimir
Posted under: Publications

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