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The Arab-Israeli conflict or civilizations clash?

Published on: 2013-01-20 @ 17:47


The Arab-Israeli conflict or civilizations clash?

(Abridged translation. Full version on the Russian page)


Past UN vote on granting Palestine statehood revealed, rather, confirmed the attitude of the international community at the government level toward Israel. But, in addition to the results of voting at the UN General Assembly, the internet revealed results of surveys conducted by CNN almost in all countries of the world and by BBC – in 22 countries, mainly in Africa. They showed that the sympathies of the population in all countries are on the side of Israel. The survey involved hundreds of thousands of people in each country. The total percentage of sympathy for Israel in all countries of the world, including Islamic countries, was 53.6%.

 These data cannot but lead one to believe that the views of both governmental organizations in several countries and non-governmental organizations and individuals on the issue of the Arab-Israeli relations, at least do not match the views of the leaders of most countries and the global bureaucracy. In addition, they show how heterogeneous the world opinion is. Therefore, the statements “the world is sick of Jews” and “the world is tired of the Jews” are groundless.

 Our studies have shown that the closest to understanding of the true state of things are national and evangelical movements and parties of Europe, America and Russia. Speaking of national movements, we do not mean old-fashioned nationalists and patriots, reactionaries. In recent years, the far-right nationalist movement was split: a new nationalism based on the values of freedom and progress, diametrically opposite to the old nationalism, has appeared.

 It seems that on the background of anti-Semitism flourishing in European countries and the U.S., only Evangelicals and the National Democrats correctly regard anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism as both catalysts and outcomes of the Islamization of their countries.

 The question is, why the whole world is concerned about the lack of statehood by the Palestinian Arabs? Aren’t there a few of other peoples, too, “offended by the history” – the Kurds, Basques, Corsicans, etc. – they have no less reason to have their own state?

 It is clear to everyone that the Palestinian issue has attracted so much attention because it is associated with the Jews and their state. This suggests that governments, first of all, in the European countries underestimate the threat posed by anti-Semitic circles whose activities may cause irreversible changes in the society.

 Any educated person knows that Islam is at war with all civilizations literally from its inception in the first quarter of the VII century BC. How can you inspire a western middlebrow that the reason for tension is a state of Israel emerged in the mid-twentieth century in Palestine. Muslims have fought and continue to fight all over the world on dozens of fronts: against the Indians – in Kashmir, against Christians – in Africa and Lebanon, against Buddhists – in Thailand, against Russians – in the Caucasus, against the British, the French, Serbian, Spanish, Dutch , Danes and others – in Europe and against the United States – in America.

 Islam hates the West not because of Israel, but hates Israel because it is the West. “After the victory over Jerusalem one should soon expect to see the green flag at the Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. History confirms that the Jews were the first but never last victim. ”

 The author of the acclaimed bestseller “The Mosque of Notre Dame” Elena Chudinova called Islamic expansion in the old Christian continent in which “European atomized units face tribal consciousness”, a civilisation catastrophe. But this is not a clash of civilizations but at conflict of civilization against barbarism. And therefore all bearers of civilization should act as a united front and cooperate with those who are civilized.

 Elena Chudinova calls on looking for civilized allies and asks “what we do not like specifically about Zionists? Do we understand that in the event of major downfall of Israel, Christian shrines will hang on the same thread as the fate of the ancient rock statues of Buddha in Afghanistan blown up with dynamite by Taliban? For these people there is no difference – the Buddha, Christ, paintings by Raphael or the World Trade Centres.”

 Betrayal of Israel, in fact, is a betrayal of the interests of Christian countries for the hatred of Islam to Christianity is as great as its hatred of Judaism. Jihad for everyone. Christians are killed every day in the most literal sense, as well as Jews. In the last half-century, jihad accumulated loads of money from mastering Western technology and from oil. Jihad has become a global threat to the whole of Christian civilization. 40 million young people of the Islamic world are trained on the program in Wahhabi madras’s – religious schools that have become conveyor producing jihadists.

In 1975 at the initiative of France, many agreements on the settlement of Muslims in Europe and the spread of the Arab-Islamic culture in European cities were signed at the conferences of the Euro-Arab Alliance. These agreements included transfer to the Arab countries of modern technologies including nuclear technology. Alliance with the Muslim Arab countries was created to give Europe the power to compete with the United States.

 Alliance led to the recognition of “Palestinian people” by Europe and to establishing of the “Palestinian state”. It resulted in the European support of the PLO and recognition of Arafat a sole legitimate representative of the non-existent “Palestinian” nation, in delegitimization of Israel, both historically and politically and forcing Israel to recognize the defenceless boundaries and accept  arabization of Jerusalem.

 In addition, the Euro-Arab Dialogue has laid a new cultural policy in European schools and universities. In accordance with the conditions that strictly enforced, the history books in Europe are rewritten by combined groups of European and Arab scholars; the Arabic language and Arab-Islamic culture in schools and universities in Europe are taught by Arab teachers with experience in teaching Europeans. But I think the most egregious commitment is leaving the Arab immigrants in Europe under control of the laws of their countries of origin. Thus, Europe retreats under the onslaught of Islam, renouncing its values, voluntarily take the position of subordination and humiliation, committing cultural suicide.

 With Muslims, Islamic expansion has created a superiority complex over the rest of the population of the earth. Violence was justified by desire for unity. Capture, enslavement, robbery is Islam’s goal stated in the Koran. Therefore, the world of Islam cannot be considered a civilization because it is not self-sufficient. Not being able to even feed itself, Islam infiltrates into civilized societies, trying to blow them up from the inside, then seize and plunder.

 Surrender of Europe without a fight – it’s not even a capitulation but acceptance of humiliation for the sake of gaining a ghostly security price of betrayal of its own people. The doctrine of multiculturalism does not imply that Arabs are integrated into the indigenous culture of the country to which they immigrated. That is, Europe does not see itself as a “melting pot.” Soliciting the integration of Arabs would mean that indigenous culture – for example, the French – is over the Arab culture. But this would mean “racism”, because, according to the doctrine preached by the universities of cultural relativism, all cultures are morally equal. This doctrine destroys Europe.

Rotten philosophy of multiculturalists who claim that if we do not touch barbarians or buy off them, they will not touch us – could ruin Europe. Barbarians will touch us. It’s impossible to buy off. Agreeing to co-exist with Evil it is impossible to solve the conflict as it was impossible to live with Nazism.

 Linking its political fate to the Arab countries, Europe involved in the logic of jihad against Israel and the United States. Virtually, the EU promotes and helps Islamist terrorism.

 Modern ideology is based on the nationless vision of the world in which the concept of nation is replaced by the concept of public taxpayers. The worldwide lack of nationhood and multiculturalism create a fertile environment for Islamic creeping expansion. Practically, the passionate Muslims do not face a proper rebuff from the softened, multicultural Western society. The society is almost ready to become a part of the global caliphate.

 It is estimated that within one or two generations, most of Europe’s population will be Muslim. Some believe that this process is already irreversible and justify and explain it by low birth-rate of Europeans and, as a consequence, the need to bring in workers’ hands – mostly Arab. Therefore, any national organization operating only in intra-direction begins to feel the pressure from the inside and outside.

 It dooms national movements to failure because their opponents dispose of well established cooperation and funding. It comes from the various international human rights funds, which in turn are sponsored from Islamic international funds.

 National Democrats share the view that the UK received a mandate over Palestine to help the Jews in the establishment of a national home. It did not get the right to divide the land and pass it on to someone else. Britain knows who was called the Palestinian people. The bloodshed in the Middle East continues because of the policy of Great Britain, which for the sake of their own interests violated the right of its mandate.

 Dmitry Radyshevsky asks: “When was the beginning of England’s moral decline? 1921 was the prologue, when Britain for the sake of its alleged political expediency, divided the land of Israel. Then Secretary of the colonies, Winston Churchill, as he admits in his diaries, “with a stroke of the pen one fine morning” gave three-quarters of the Promised Land to Bedouin leader Abdullah to create a new Arab State – Transjordan. Other betrayals by Britain of obligations of the British Mandate snowballed: limiting Jewish immigration, promotion of Arab migrant workers hundreds of thousands of whom flocked to Israel in search of work on the Zionist farms and eventually turned “Palestinians”, and finally, the White Book of 1939 which closed the access to the Land of Israel to millions of European Jews who tried to escape from the Nazis. They divided the Land of Israel – and received a curse promised in the Bible. Britain lost its status as the world leader and the Empire, giving it to the U.S.. <…>. Churchill atoned for his sin to divide the land of Israel with fearless leadership in the fight against Nazism <…> Britain was the only European country to withstand Nazism. Britain was a stronghold anticommunist in Europe: no wonder the Soviet defectors sought asylum in the UK – not in the U.S. embassies: because they knew – the British won’t extradite <…> Contemporary Britain can fix its way by leading the European resistance to Islamic fascism.”

 National Democrats advocate for Jewish settlements regarding them as outposts, not only of Israel, but the Euro-Atlantic civilization as a whole. For them, the Jewish settlers are not cowboys but the people who returned to the historic land.

 They understand that destruction of Israel will unite hands of all-out Arab expansion and lead to the complete Islamization of Europe, the U.S. and Russia. Therefore, they oppose playing up to a temporary worker in the American White House.

 Christian attitude toward Israel evolved. In 1949, Protestant missionaries saw “a manifestation of lack of faith in God’s Providence” in Zionism; in 1952, they condemned creation of Israel as a sinful act; and past another quarter of a century they asserted: “The history of Israel is marked by constantly repeated outbursts from unfreedom to a new life. Return of the Jews from around the world into a new state of Israel should be seen as a breakthrough.”

 There are 200 million Christian Zionists that support Israel nowadays. The leader and founder of the big organization “Christians United for Israel,” Pastor Hagee urged those in solidarity with Israel to send a loud and clear message to Israel, Iran, the United Nations and the world: “We support Israel today, we will support it tomorrow and always.”




Published by: Avrutin Mark
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