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Fear is roaming the world

Published on: 2013-01-17 @ 15:34


Miron Ya Amusia
Professor of Physics

Fear is roaming the world

(Remarks on the elections to the Knesset in January 2013)

The fear is haunting the world – the fear of Israel’s
“disobedience.” All the forces of the “civilized
community” come out in a united front against the disobedience:
the American president and the Russian
Foreign Ministry, the Secretary General of the UN
and the U.S. State Department,
the French and the British Labour Party Liberals.

Marx and Engels (in a free adaptation of the author).

Election information is not only completely captured Israeli media, but began its successful move towards the front pages and news headlines in the international media. Israeli elections are rarely neglected by enlightened mankind, rarely do not become the subject of intense media attention and flow of “friendly” advice from leading politicians. However, these elections are particularly attracted to “hyenas of pens and jackals of rotating machines” as well as the ravens of video cameras.

Such attention is not accidental. For the first time in the community the rating of the “left” is so low. Their ideas of “territories for peace” is no longer able to feed even a simpleton. There are still many leftists in the media and academic circles who reasonably suspect that people who can continue the policies of Israel’s “disobedience” will lead the country. Those people will make this “disobedience” out of episodes to mainstream supported by massive voter direction. Not only will the Israeli “leftists” be unable to cope with this evolution but also the governments of a number of developed countries that support them.

Regardless of the likes and dislikes of the left and right, the personification of this long-standing policy of “disobedience” is the present Premier Benjamin Netanyahu. And that’s why he became the object of particularly vicious attacks of media, political opponents and some world leaders. Not that he had previously been spoiled with their love, but such barrage of hate to the man and his wife I can hardly remember. A while ago I read a note about him by journalist B. Kaspit. It was clear that there was just malice without facts. And I imagined how much he would give for his accreditation in the bedroom of the hated couple, under their bed.

Not to tease the voters, the “left” camp names him a “socially oriented camp instead of the “left” or “peace camp” . Promoters and leaders of the “lefts” call the Prime Minister Netanyahu only as a disaster for Israel. This, of course, is an election exaggeration. He’s definitely not a gift for the “leftists” but also a much smaller catastrophe for them than I would have liked. He should become a greater catastrophe for that public, which would be of great benefit to Israel and contribute essentially to establishing peace around her.

The hatred of enemies towards Netanyahu is understandable: they cannot accuse him or his close relatives in any criminal wrongdoings that would make him docile and controllable. He cannot be indicted of any of deception of “trust”, a theft of any size or taking bribes or at the very least, some sort of rape that took place a decade ago of his or another secretary. And to the enemies sorrow he lives in grand style and does not hide it.

Under no question are his exceptional personal qualities – intelligence, education in the history, politics and economics, speaking skills, talent and experience of management and diplomacy, which makes him unbeatable compared to his competitors as well as foreign colleagues of the present times. But for this superiority, the opponents are willing to support anyone but him, even the other right-wing leaders – only to neutralize the main force.

If you cannot blame, slander. Perhaps not a single Israeli politician has been lied about so much and so clumsy. They make up stories about the economic collapse of Israel, though not yet come but if you do not take away power from Netanyahu’s premiership, coming in the near future. They lie about complete, just arisen political isolation of Israel in the international arena. They compose stories about gruesome stratification in Israeli society into rich and poor, about the elderly dying from malnutrition and children suffering from the same, about the lack of housing for the weaker stratum and its terrible costliness for young people .

Common problems that are typical of most of the developed world are very often strongly exaggerated by media and political stakeholders when it comes to Israel in general and Netanyahu’s premiership in particular. His contribution to the economic development of Israel is completely forgotten. During his first premiership he gave the economics its modern market features. The rapid development went on at times when he was in charge of the economics in the Sharon government and during last four years of his premiership. It is no coincidence that a severe world economic crisis practically bypasses Israel. It is worth seeing a reliable source of statistical data, the CIA world factbook, to verify what a decent place among the most developed countries in the world Israel takes by a gross domestic product, its annual growth, and productive structure, the size of pensions, unemployment, population growth and longevity. It would be absurd to attribute all achievements of the Israeli people entirely to Netanyahu service record. But as the leader responsible for the failures and mistakes of the country he deserves praise for these achievements.

I note that, though not without difficulties and resistance, but new leaders, young and not so young, emerge in the Likud Party. In June 1996, Netanyahu appointed a 38 year old A. Lieberman, a Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office. It is in his government Yu. Edelstein, also a 38 year old man, became minister for the first time. With him as leader of Likud, a 37 year old Z. Elkin, a man of clearly patriotic views, became the head of the ruling coalition in the Knesset. At the recently held Likud primaries, a number of relatively young people who are principled and patriotic, including M. Feiglin, ranked high. And the main current opponent to the right, Mr N. Bennett, was appointed by Netanyahu a head of his chancery when he was 34 years old.

One can understand Netanyahu’s opponents – with such manpower, with such personal abilities and qualities he leaves his opponents no chance of a fair victory over himself. Decent opponents in such a situation would accept their defeat with dignity. But for the “leftists” imitating either the fighters for socially weak or the middle class, there is no such opportunity. So they use weaponry from the reliable arsenal of the “leftist justice” and outright lies.

The first shot is struck. It was passing to court a case against the then Foreign Minister A. Lieberman implying he had not been aloof from the appointment of a person on the most important post – Israel’s ambassador, and expressed his opinion. This man is guilty for having earlier communicated his boss, Mr Lieberman, about the ongoing probe against him . A few people would have acted differently, even bound by the non-disclosure oath. Not sure at all, by the way, that the police have the right to use a subordinate not directly involved in the case, in this manner. It is surprising that loud and scathing words about “cheating the public trust” are there in these accusations. As a member of society, I do not see, however, any “cheating” of my trust. Puzzling is the speed at which the case had been “concocted”, so to say . It took a week! Nowadays, a hope of the “leftists” Mr Lapid tries to remove the biggest block including Likud from the elections on the unfounded grounds (a songstress was singing on one of the meetings), which is undoubtedly a “wilful violation” of the elections laws.

It would be incorrect to speak about Netanyahu and not mention the allegations against him by the “right” wing. It is a common talk that his economic policies doomed weak layers in poverty. Direct calculation shows that the accusations in poverty are unfounded. On the other hand, it is obvious that only a vigorous and orderly economic policy will not only preserve the Israeli shekel but strengthen its economic position, despite numerous strikes and large additional expenses caused by the Second Lebanon War and the military operations “Cast Lead” and “Cloud pillar”. A construction of the separation fence on the border with Egypt and the need to strengthen the border with Jordan and Syria became an extra burden.

Netanyahu has often been accused of weak character and the ease, with which he succumbs to external pressure. I do not see any evidence of this. For example, perhaps hardly an Israeli prime minister with a weak character would risk an open dispute with the U.S. president, and, moreover, address directly, bypassing the president, to a much more sympathetic to Israel the U.S. Congress, and even present there a clear position, inconsistent with that of the U.S. administration.

Manoeuvring under heavy international pressure is unpleasant. A premier can be blamed, and it is appropriate in my opinion, for the adoption of the slogan “two states for two peoples”, which has been imposed for decades by the leaders of many developed countries and the local “leftists”. But Netanyahu has furnished it with so many preliminary conditions, including full demilitarization of the new entity that implementation of such a program cannot be taken seriously. Note that should the Palestinian Arabs wish nationhood in reality and not at the level of a profitable slogan, they would long ago have had it – in the 1948, and later under I. Rabin, Y. Barak, or Y. Olmert.

I worried at greater extent than the said two-state slogan, about the concessions to the “left” made within the country, when the residents of Ulpena were evicted following the sentence of the unjust court and ignoring as a guidelines a verdict by the committee headed by former Israel’s Supreme Court Justice E. Levy, based on the international legal norms, stating the legality of Israeli settlements. But important changes have already taken place in the Likud and the society indicating at the assumption that such actions will disappear from the Netanyahu government’s practice.

Some people talk about political omnivorous of Netanyahu, of his intention to shift to the left and hence open the way to “leftists” in the government. I do not see any convincing arguments in favour of these assumptions unless to the left would move the Master of these election – the people of Israel.

As an example of divergence in Netanyahu’s words and deeds, some people give an example of the overblown government, unfit for the common good and election commitments. But this is precisely the voter’s guilt: with their disorder in voting, resulting in the need for complex factional agreements and compromise and, thus, the growth of government.

You can also come across an argument that the abundance of successful parties, weakening the key party, prevents it from neglecting the election commitments, going against them. I think this approach is wrong. A desired transformation in a democratic country is only possible by relying on massive popular support. In application to Israel, this means getting rid of the “leftist” dominance in the media, judicial and prosecution systems. Extremely harmful is a non-participation of decent, patriotic people in the elections. Everyone staying at home strengthens defeatists and villains. Of course, this statement is completely general and not a purely Israeli.


<1> Both stamp definitively discredited in the eyes of the voter.
<2> “A malignant occupation started developing with us 45 years ago. Very few of us, including Ishayahu Leibowitz, Uri Avnery, diagnosed the disease in the bud. … “Cottage cheese” and housing prices rise, civil inequality and hatred to strangers progress…. Our leaders behave as if a mortal danger of cancer did not threaten our country, as if death is not waiting for us at the door…. And if after a month they are again crowned in the kingdom, the situation will only worsen. And everyone who votes for them should know that they push Israel to a slow but certain death,”- a Professor of Math-ematics at Weizmann Institute, winner of the Israel Prize, the National Academy of Sciences D. Harel, writes, panting with fear and hatred, in his recent article.
<3> It had been conducting for twelve years and closed recently for lack of evidence.
<4> All this reminded me of an incident that took place in the USSR with my wife. She was stopped by the road police and reported that she had exceeded the speed limit and asked to produce documents. Unfastened seat belt, she pulled the driving license from. The accusation of recklessness almost immediately dropped, but then inspector resourcefully demanded a fine for driving with an open belt!
<5> Usually strikes are motivated by claims that “for such a pittance,” which this category of workers receive, “it is impossible to make ends meet.” Figures on total earnings, usually are not mentioned. And once there, it is noticeable how much blackmail and flaunting the stronghold of “leftists” – the union of civil servants – the Histadrut, are there in the strikers’ demands. For example, it was found that a salary of a nurse with reasonably good work experience is half of the prime minister’s salary!

Published by: Amusia Miron
Posted under: Publications

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