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Intifada of the leftist mass-media (A view from Israel)

Published on: 2012-12-17 @ 18:58

Miron Ya Amusia
Professor of physics

Fear not your enemies, for they can only murder you.
Fear not your friends, for they can only betray you.
Fear indifferent: they are not killing or betraying,
but only with their tacit consent murder and betrayal exist in the world.

B. Yasensky

Some days ago I have listened to the Voice of Israel in Russian. They cited that day article in “The Economist”, which stated that Israel never was in such an international isolation as today. And the reason for this is her policy, they claim – support, toward so-called settlers and settlements. “The Economist” recommends president Obama “openly say it to PM Netanyahu, in order to change Israel’s behavior”.

The statement about the role of Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria is not simply an exaggeration – it is a lie that should be obvious to any normally educated and non-biased person. The rights of Jews to settle at any place of the former mandate Palestine, if they are not intend to occupy land, where other people are living, are guaranteed by the League of Nations decisions at the San Remo conference in 1922. The validity of these decisions was confirmed by the United Nations in 1947. Israel Supreme court and courts of lower levels, like watchdogs are doing their best to prevent Jews from using even a single square meter of land, for which an Arab not even prove, but simply claims ownership .

It is obvious that people cannot exist without building new houses to live in, educate, and work. It is a fact that the modern construction does not force to move even a single Arab family to another place. And still the announcement of Israel’s construction projects were met by high rank politicians and people from most of the mass media with harsh criticism and more or less open threads toward Israel. It is remarkable that none of the people who criticized Israel, did not say even a single word about ethnic policy of Arab leaders in general and Mahmud Abbas, this illegal “president” of Palestinian autonomy that is now accepted by UN as a “state-observer”, in particular. I have in mind endless assertion that this “state” forbids Jews now and in the future to live on its territory.

In a normal world it would be absolutely impossible even to consider as a candidate for a state–observer at UN a conglomerate of people, whose fugleman promised not to admit even a single Jew to live as a citizen in his would be “country”. But the fact is, that not only UN voted 141:9 with 41 abstained in favor of such a state, but the mass-media supported with rare exception such a shameful step. It demonstrates a completely distorted vision of reality by so many in politics and the mass- media, in which a fake death of an Arab child weights much more than tens of thousands of Syrians and millions of Tutu and Tutsi lives.

It does not bother politicians and mass-media that recent UN decision was not about 30 millions of Kurds, people with a millennia long history, compact territory and a native language. Instead, the choice of “civilized world” is an artificially created from local Arabs at the beginning of 60th, with strong assistance of Soviet KGB, Palestinian “nation” that has no history, original language, compact territory.

Partition plan 1947

An important but incorrect accusation is that building of Israeli homes around Jerusalem would made the territory of the “Palestinian state” discontinuous. It is presented as a real threat to future Palestinian statehood. At first, such a point of view is incorrect. At second, mass-media people and politicians perfectly know that in 1947 Ben-Gurion accepted the so-called partition plan for Palestine. The acceptance of this plan was the precondition of creating the state of Israel in 1948. The vote in favor of partition was 33:13 with 10 abstained. One sees that the support of a “quasi-state” now is much higher than that of a two-state solution in 1947. Indeed, O tempora! O mores!

The key-point of the Partition plan was the map presented on the Figure that made the Jewish part, as well as the Arab one, discontinuous. This plan was rejected by Arabs, and they attacked Israel even before she was officially proclaimed. The result is known. The Arabs were defeated, and those local Arabs who voluntarily fled inside the lines of attacking Arab troops in order to come back in a couple of weeks celebrating victory and robbing Jewish property, became refuges.

They are still refuges until today, and I am positive that forever, unless miraculously all 22 or some Arab countries with grant them citizenship. I vividly remember all this written in numerous newspapers and told in multiple radio programs at the time of the event – in 1948-49. This shed light on the problem of so-called “Palestinian refugees”. It had to be solved by those, who not only created the problem of Arab refuges, but forced about 800000 of Jews fled from Arab countries to Israel, thus creating a not too popular problem of Jewish refugees.

The accusation of “The economist” is by far not the harshest. Israel is portrayed by many outlets of the mass media and even respectful politicians as a country that is if not the sole responsible side of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but definitely the guiltiest side. This is quite opposite to reality. However, anti-Israeli bias is so intensive that one can call it intifada of the mass media. While it is correct that mass media presents not only facts but is strongly influenced by the mood of its audience, the opposite is also correct: the mass media to large extent shapes the opinion of the mass media and creates the so-called public opinion that affects politicians. What drives anti-Israeli direction of mass media and politicians – money, incompetence and stupidity, or two of these reasons or perhaps all three of them is hard for me to say. But I am positive that this cannot be a result of rational analyses based on objective facts.

For this or that reason even heaviest attacks against Israel by rockets and mortar shells end at best by rather soft statements toward terrorists that “Israel has the right to defend herself”. And even this trivial and evident declaration of a bold fact is made usually only by a handful of prominent politicians, not seldom only by Americans. Even this weak verbal support of Israel is accompanied by demands to her of restraining the response to terrorists’ attacks and to “both sides of the conflict” to preserve security and safety of “civilian population” in the places, from where the terrorists attack Israel.

The very formula of “two sides of the conflict” by mass-media and by so many politicians is insulting to Israel and Israelis, since a murderer and his victim are never “two sides of a conflict”. In fact, it is Israel who dreams of peace and made so many concession in order to establish peace on its boundaries and to stop permanent war with neighbor countries and population as well as the gangs supported by such states as e.g. Iran.

In connection to protest over the construction of the Israel houses close to Jerusalem, there were not only harsh criticism from the foreign ministers of European countries, but even a sort of debates that perhaps Europe should frighten Israel with economic sanctions. They were tested in South Africa. It is there the European and US liberals destroyed an economically prosperous country with high level of science and education, and transformed it into a country where the mob determines the laws of life. Prosperity and successes for South Africa are in remote past . But modern liberals are unable to learn lessons. For them reality of life is nothing as compared to abstract imaginative constructions. However the situation in Israel is so different from South African apartheid that does not exists here at all and the readiness of Jewish people not to permit foreigners to made them scapegoats is so high that economic sanctions would be extremely difficult to impose and to achieve something essential with their help.

For people in mass-media to blame Israel’s “occupation of Palestinian territories” in all the problems of the Middle East is simple, profitable and secure. To be objective requires fortitude and readiness to lose money and in some cases risk lives. Unfortunately, I see that fundamental principles of moral and fairness are completely forgotten by people in the mass-media. They are totally indifferent not only to the fate of Israel, but to the future of the whole Mankind. And their indifference makes them very dangerous. Be aware!


Published by: Amusia Miron
Posted under: Publications

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