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Not only our war

Published on: 2012-11-27 @ 17:23

Bring to your attention an article by our author Alex Tarn.

This article is written by an Israeli and provides a brief overview of the major components of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is aimed to assist a Western reader to find their way into the nicety of what is happening in and around Israel. At the same time, analysis made by the author, to a large extent reflects the belief system constituting an ideological platform of the newly created public Movement “International support for Israel”. I would like to pay special attention to the following provisions.

 The purpose of the Movement is a unification of all forces who openly support Israel. This support is regarded by us as the fighting for values of the Western civilization of which Israel is now the advanced outpost. The enemy does not hide their goal: a destruction of the Jewish state followed by an offensive along the entire civilization front.
To protect its citizens, including the Arab part of the population, Israel has the best army in the world. The mentality of majority of Israeli society includes a constant readiness to repel the Islamic threat. On the contrary, the Western public have not yet realized the impending danger of the deadly islamization of the West. If Israel, through its senior management, often lacks determination, the Western public at even greater degree lacks understanding of the consequences of anti-Israeli policies and the promotion of anti-Israel statements. Antiisraelizm is the actual catalyst for the Islamization of these countries, while support for Israel, by contrast, is a form of self defense.
By supporting Israel, we annihilate a potential threat of uprise of local “Gaza strips” in the vicinity of European and American cities. Just look how the Muslim world was inspired by withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Each truce with Israel is perceived by Islamists as victory as well as each unaccomplished war led by Israel for the past 65 years. It is not difficult to imagine a burst of enthusiasm which will accompany a real but not imaginary victory of Arab world over Israel, if we allow this misfortune to happen. For then, all countries of the Western civilization will certainly face the most tragic manifestations of dzhikhad enthusiasm.

I. Introduction

The Land of Israel, Jerusalem, Zion. There is an intrinsic and eternal bond between these geographical, historical, spiritual concepts and the Jews. This bond is fixed in the ancient monuments of human civilization, in the historical chronicles and diplomatic notes – from the powerful block of the Bible to the Balfour Declaration. It is this relationship that gives Jews the right to the land, the right to challenge, but undeniable.

Jews came to this earth for three and a half thousand years ago, and since then, their presence is not interrupted for a minute. There has always been one of them to keep the names to the very fact of its presence in the world to say that it has not been forgotten, that the Jews were to come back – and not by small handfuls of frightened refugees but strong and proud people – the owner.

We promised to come back and we’re back. And The Land, waiting all these years, has not reproached us for such a long absence by a single word. Unfriendly, stale and hard for foreign newcomers, it has risen to meet us from the severe neglect of rotten marshes and arid salt flats – risen to flow with milk and honey yet again. Now we are together again. Vanished ancient kingdoms, millennial empires crumbled, peoples dissolved in the mist of centuries. And we – we are alive: The Land, The Book, The People. And there is no such force in the world that would break this eternal triangle.

In this article, we set ourselves the task to summarize our view of the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict as the main problem of the existence of Israel. For greater clarity, we have divided the article into three separate parts, reflecting: 1) – approach to problem from the Arab side of the conflict, 2) – the stance of Israeli society in its main components, and 3) – external influence on the conflict on the part of certain circles of Western society.

II. Arabs. War of extermination

Neighbors of the reconstituted Jewish state from the very beginning have flatly refused to recognize its right to exist. It is understandable that a devout Muslim can not live with another hotbed of faith in the heart of the Islamic Ummah. At the same time, so far the Islamists have not been showing such intolerance towards Christians in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. In the case of the Jews, Muslim Arabs knew that the Jews returned to their land forever, that the Jews intend to stay here under any circumstances, that time is on Israel, and therefore the usual means of gradual replacement of “outsiders” in this case will not work. Paradoxically, the extent and strength of the Arab resistance once again testified to the validity of the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel.

Arabs opposed the implementation of the Balfour Declaration (1917) which promised the Jews a homeland in the Middle East British mandate. The peak of the Arab resistance occurred in the pogrom wave in 1929, which anticipated events of Hitler’s “Kristallnacht.”

Since the beginning of the war, the Arab world in Europe through its leaders, immediately consolidated with the Nazis, aiming for a final solution of the Jewish question in the Land of Israel. After the war, the Arabs have taken to the UN highest diplomatic efforts to thwart a vote on the establishment of Israel.

When a Jewish sovereignty has been finally established, Israel had to immediately take up arms to protect themselves from the threat of the deadly invasion of regular units of five Arab states. An openly declared goal of Arab invaders and their compatriots in Israel was to destroy the nascent Jewish state.

It was just about the struggle of the entire Arab world. “It will be a war of extermination, – then said a Secretary General of the Arab League Azzam Paha. – This will be a big beating, which will said the same as talking about the invasion of the Mongols and the Crusades.”

Hundreds of thousands of Arabs followed the call of Arab governments to the local Arabs to leave their towns and villages, in order to ensure the armies invading Israel have freedom of slaughter. But they had no doubt that they would return to their homes in the near future – as soon as the victorious Arab armies will drown in the blood of young Jewish state.

As one might imagine, the victory will be Israel’s, and 650,000 Arabs will become refugees. Thus, this problem is not the fault of Israel. If no Arab aggression in 1948, there would not have been so-called “Palestinian refugees.”

After the Second World War a considerable experience of resettlement of displaced persons had been accumulated. Integration of Arab refugees in neighbouring Arab countries was not a major practical problem. Israel could serve n example – in an extremely complex military, geopolitical and economic situation, it managed to successfully take over 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries. This number is higher than the own population of The Country. Arab countries, if desired, could easily host some 650,000 of their compatriots.

This is what they expected from international humanitarian organizations. In 1953, the U.S. Congress declared: “The status of refugees as a special group that is under the care of the UN, must end as soon as possible. Our goal should be an early turning them into full-fledged citizens of Arab countries. ”

But, as the Arabs have never abandoned the desire to destroy Israel, the refugees have become a tool to achieve this goal. Arab governments and, later, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), established in 1964, willfully prevented the liquidation of the refugee camps. Securing for these people and their descendants a status of exiles has turned them into a permanent reserve soldiers with “Zionist enemy.”

But the Western powers and the UN went on about the Arab countries, creating the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). This overgrown organization, successfully mastering the monstrous budgets, has been operating for six decades after the Revolutionary War. So, in 2009, UNRWA has been allocated 1.23 billion dollars – more than a quarter of the UN budget.

After being defeated in the war, the Arabs continued to struggle through terror. The refugee camps have become centres for Arab saboteurs. Daily were attacks on Israeli farms. PLO militants carried out an intensive subversive activities against Israel from the occupied West Bank by Jordan. This terror was a preamble to a new war.

On May 25 1967, the President of Egypt and the then leader of the Arab world, Nasser said: “The challenge now faced by the Arab countries, is the final and complete destruction of Israel.” King Hussein of Jordan addressed soldiers with the call: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with their weapon, their hands, their nails and teeth. ”

Egypt has concentrated enormous army in Sinai and closed the Straits of Tiran. Israel has been cut off from access to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Then UN observers who were there after the conflict in 1956 were expelled from the Sinai. The Soviet bloc actively promoted the Arab aggression, and the rest of the world stood by in preparation to outright genocide.

Israel preferred life to death. Pre-emptive strike, it destroyed the Egyptian air force. The war was called “Six-Day” and crowned with victory of Israel. Result has been, in addition to the occupation of the Sinai Peninsula, the establishment of control over the territories of Judea, Samaria and the Golan plateau.

Under international law, the new sovereign of these lands must be set through negotiations between the parties competing for them. Instead, the area was declared “occupied” and the myth of Arab propaganda completely stuck. Multiple repetition of this lie is perceived as truth by a majority of the world community, which does not go into the details of the conflict. But these misunderstandings can not turn fiction into fact: Israel’s control over Judea, Samaria and the Golan is not a occupation.

Another fact is that in the eyes of the world, the Arab invaders brought innocent victims. So the false and artificial problem of the”occupied Palestinian lands added to the artificial problem of “Palestinian refugees”. But how can you occupy the territory of a state which never existed?

The coincidence of the main Arab goal – the elimination of Israel – with the ideological left-wing radicals and socialists led to the design of a close alliance between the Arabs and left-wing movements of the West, who after the Six-Day War became Israel’s new rivals, whose danger was not evaluated in due time.

Having suffered a military defeat, the Arabs began to mask their attempts to destroy Israel with a sweet to left-liberal ears an anti-colonial rhetoric. This rhetoric, readily taken up by Western public opinion, stood by the Arab preparations for the second Holocaust. While the minimal masking, all the guidelines and programs of Arab organizations confirm the need to dump in the sea the much hated “Zionist entity.”

War of 1973, prepared by the Soviet military specialists, was a surprise to the Israeli leaders. But it ended with the victory yet achieved by higher price than before. One of its outcomes was the Treaty of 1979, signed by Israel with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who was immediately declared a traitor of Arab interests and lost his life in 1981. The real peaceful relations with the Egyptian society, which remained sharply hostile to Israel, did not work out.

Hosni Mubarak, applying tremendous efforts, continued the policy of Anwar Sadat. After his overthrow in 2011, it became clear that the 33 years of “peace” did not reduce the heating of Arab hatred by a jot. Arabs are still willing to go at length to destroy Israel. And only a complete dependence on the U.S. aid keeps the current Egyptian government from returning to the mode of confrontation. The situation is similar to Jordan who signed a peace treaty with Israel.

After the Yom Kippur War, the source of conflict moved to Lebanon, occupied by troops of Yasser Arafat. The 1982 war was inevitable. Once again, Israel won a decisive victory, expelling Arafat gangsters and destroying their military-technical base.

Unfortunately, a decade later, the terrorist Arafat returned straight to the Land of Israel and crowned with laurels of the Nobel Prize winner. A left-wing government in Israel has armed him to the teeth in the infamous Oslo Accord. What was the meaning of these agreements prepared in secret, made against the wishes of the majority of the Jewish population of the country?

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the mastermind “of the peace process,” Peres believed that in a world of massive pressure, the Arabs will be victims of their own disguise. If the essence of the conflict is occupation of the territories captured in 1967, we’ll give you these territories. On refugees, we will find a fair solution with the help of the international community: someone comes back, someone will get generous compensation. Jerusalem will be given a special status and you will have the Arab neighbourhoods of the Eastern Jerusalem. As well as the Arab state.

Rabin and Peres were confident that, stunned by these concessions, Arafat and the Arab world, will be forced to declare a ceasefire and give up all claims to the Jewish state. But the Arabs only willingly took whatever they were given and immediately demanded more, without giving up the conflict. Mahmoud Abbas, who took the place of rais, behaved the same way.

From the point of view of the Arabs, end to the conflict is only possible with the complete destruction of Israel. The state policy of Hamastan formed after the IDF withdrawal from Gaza is an example of such a strategy. Hamas has nothing to distract from the desire to achieve the set goal – elimination of the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel. Hamas’ activity is fully dedicated to this task – because owing to the generous support of UNRWA, it is freed from concerns about food to Gazans. Therefore, hamasniki devote all of their time to equipping with missiles, digging of sabotaging tunnels, laying mines and planning terrorist acts.

For some time now the main weapon of the Arabs has become propaganda. The crudest methods and the most incredible myths are being applied. But allies of the Arabs in the Western media tend to inflate every lie to the scale of the tragedy of the world.

Media successes of the Arab propagandists broadcast in the economy, depriving Israeli companies of contracts, Israeli goods – of markets and Israeli universities – of research grants. In the diplomatic sphere, they are fraught with unpleasant UN resolutions, isolation, boycott.

Israel is a small country, it is difficult to win on the battlefield, but you can easily strangle the UN Security Council resolutions. It is here – in the arena of world opinion – that the main front of the war of annihilation is unfolding.

Of course, this does not mean that the Arabs refused to work in the military sphere. They are pinning their hopes on the consolidation of the United Islamic Front: Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan, Al-Qaeda in Syria, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza … The Arabs now believe that time is on their side, and therefore not in a hurry, accumulating power and waiting for a convenient moment.

What conclusion follows from the fact that the Arab world manically desires to eliminate the Jewish presence in the Middle East? It is simple: peace with the Arabs is impossible until they give up this goal. We are talking about changing the mass mentality. Peace talks with the Arabs will be productive only when the state of Israel appears on the school maps on which they teach their children. When in history class, an Arabic teacher tells of King David, of the Jewish war, the Jewish scattering and the Holocaust. When they finally treat us as the legitimate owners of this Land and not as invaders.

Show us their school books, and we will tell you if peace is possible.

III. Jews. The war for survival

If the main goal of the Arab world is elimination of Israel then what is the main purpose of the Israelites? At the moment, it is stated very simply: to survive. That’s right, in fact. It is no coincidence at a time when chronic military threat hanging over Israel, takes the form of another armed escalation, Israel demonstrated remarkable cohesion, briefly forgetting all irreconcilable differences. And there are odds are, many of them.

At first glance, they are purely tactical. In fact, if the goal is the same – to achieve a lasting peace with its neighbours, the dispute can only be about how to address this problem. But it is only at first glance – the facade of unimportant differences hiding deep ideological conflicts. Many of them were not born today: a reflection of the current debate can easily be seen even in the speeches of delegates of the first Zionist Congresses.

a) a left wing – from Zionism to socialism
As has been so far, some Israelites profess socialist ideas. In Israel, these people are usually referred to as “left” and the degree of their commitment to “the ideas of peace and progress” differs from openly extremist organizations of the respectable young anarchists to heirs of the Socialist Party of Israel who several times changed its name – from “Mapai” (Land of Israel Workers Party) to “Avoda” (Labour Party).

Radicals promote Arab perspective on the conflict, expressing their disagreement with what they call “the occupation of Palestinian lands.” While the actions were limited to throwing stones, in their written sources anarchists express the desire to use firearms against the “invaders”.

Other left-radical groups, under the banner of “peace and progress”, have received funding from the relevant bodies of the European Union. Organization called “Shalom akhshav” (The Peace Today) is known for anti-settlement movement in Judea and Samaria.

Leftist activists use uncertain status of the “disputed territories” and the land survey – the result of 19 years of Jordanian control over Judea and Samaria. As a rule, lawsuits shall be submitted directly to the High Court of Justice BAGATS (Supreme Court) which does not go into details. The answer is usually given by the Public Prosecutor office, whose ranks are traditionally comprised of the official lefties and the extreme lefties. This has resulted in verdicts of the High Court to evict people from their homes, built in accordance with all legal requirements.

In the Knesset, the radical and moderate “left” are represented by the Arab communist party Hadash (where a special “manual” Jew is always present), Meretz and Labor Party, the latter presenting itself as center-left and social democratic. Mainly this political sector has brought the country to the failed Oslo Accords.

Israeli “left” is no different from associates in the International. They have the same slogans about human rights, social justice, social equality, political correctness, the rights of various minorities of non-privatization and so on and so forth.

A smaller part of the Zionist-Socialists deliberately brought an offering Zionism to “post-Zionism”, where the prefix “post” should be replaced with “anti”. Out of this group – through a pro-Soviet Stalinist parties found guilty of spying for the Soviet Union and the Arab enemy – the leftist Israeli movement have emerged. Israeli leftist groups have become an integral part of the global left front working for the elimination of Israel.

Long stay of Mapai Labor Party in the Israeli political scene has left a legacy of bureaucracy, the judiciary and the cultural sphere. In all these areas, their decisive influence (if not dominance) is palpable. They strongly fend off any attempts to outsiders to penetrate into their possessions. This is done in two ways. First, according to the rule “insider bring the insider”. Secondly, by means of “public commissions” responsible for the choice of judges, cultural and public appointees, budget allocations, paying bonuses and grants, etc.
b) conservatives – the pressure of pragmatism

The conservative part is represented by right-liberal conservative Likud Party who reckon themselves as heirs of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the Zionist Revisionist movement and the religious Zionist movement called the “Knitted kippahs” “Knitted kippahs” believe one of their most important religious duties is settling of the Land of Israel. Therefore, they constitute the core of the settlement movement in Judea and Samaria. While the religious Zionists (as opposed to ultra-Orthodox) actively integrate into modern society.

Deportation of Gush Katif – a blooming enclave settlements in the southern Gaza Strip – was a heavy blow to this part of the Israeli society because it is mainly the “knitted kippahs” who made up the overwhelming majority of eight thousand exiles.

Speaking of the Land of Israel, the “knitted kippahs” have on their mind the plots of tribes of Manasseh, Gad and Reuven lying to the east of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea in modern Jordan and southern Lebanon.

Likud’s credo is a pragmatic, right-liberal approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict, focused on national values and interests. In the economy, likudniks are commited to free market principles.

c) the Orthodox – the pressure of modernity

In general, “Haredi” (ultra-orthodox) refer to Zionism in the negative, although the degree of disapproval varies greatly. For example, the sect of “Neturei Karta” (prison walls) does not recognize Israel at all – up to participating in the anti-Israel “congresses of hatred” in Tehran and Durban. But they are marginals; influential Hasidic courts are permitted to participate in the “Zionist government” although not in as Minister.

This detail reflects the desire of the orthodox leaders to reconcile the rigid structure of religious rules to the requirements of modern life. Their most important task is preserving and consolidating the “world of the Torah”which requires a daily study of the sources of Talmudic wisdom by thousands of yeshiva students – from early morning to late evening, with five years and until the last moment of life. Those who blame the orthodox in parasitism and imposing religious norms, must realize this main priority of “haredists” mentality.

Orthodox leaders believe that in this dangerous situation one can not go on even minimal concessions to the demands of modern life, that if you only slightly open the gate – and gush can not be stopped. Therefore, they actively obstruct to the service of their youth in the army as well as participation in the productive, cultural, technological, scientific efforts of society as a whole.

It is clear that modern society can not afford such a large mass disengagement of talented and strong young men to solve common problems. This particularly applies to the Israeli society, which is in a constant state of stress of the war for survival.

It is understood by the Orthodox and shifts are already evident. Numbers of mobilized “haredim” grow rapidly and ubiquitous computing has opened up the orthodox youth a suddenly attractive sphere of application of forces: it appears that a mind trained by Talmudic gymnastics masters the intricacies of programming with remarkable ease.

Orthodox Jews are allies of the Conservatives, because secularism of the left is alien to them more than Zionism, therefore, other things being equal, the Orthodox prefer conservative opportunists Likud, not Labor’s socialist opportunists. A sense of self plays here a significant role – it occurs when acquainting with defeatist plans of the left peacekeepers.

d) members of the Arab world in the Israeli parliament

Arab Knesset parties associate themselves with the Arab world and, therefore, one of its main objectives: the elimination of Israel. It would seem how you can possibly work on destroying the country in the parliament of which you sit? In fact, there is nothing strange: like other Arabs, they deny the right of Jews to the Land of Israel and consider Jewish Israelis to be aliens.

This does not interfere with any evidence to suggest that much of the Arab population of Israel has come here recently for work, which, in turn, appeared in the country only with the arrival of the first Zionist settlers as well as the money (the source of which was capital of Baron Rothschild and and various Zionist foundations).

But the Arabs create an imaginary reality and start believing in it when it’s still under construction. The Egyptians believed that in the Yom Kippur War they won, as well as they believe in a direct link of the Biblical “Sea Peoples” (plishtim, Philistines) to the modern Arabs whose names are Al-Masri (which means “the Egyptian”) or As-Saudi (respectively, the “Saudi”) – a real Arab would never let facts spoil slender sound of his theory.

Another version says that the history of the local Arab population keeps count beginning with the great Arab conquests of the seventh century. This view is at odds with the opinion of the serious historians and archaeologists (Hogarth, Hitti, Lewis) who argue that the presence of ethnic Arabs in this third-rate (in terms of the huge caliphate) province was limited to the military garrisons, while the entire civilian population continued to be Jews and Christians.

In general, “the Arabs” of the Land of Israel designated the carriers of Arabic – Circassians and Turkomans, Bedouins and the Greeks, Slavs and Berbers, Armenians, Persians, Kurds, Georgians. And there were more of the same Jews, baptised or Islamised. The first item on the agenda of the Arab Knesset members is hatred of the State whose citizenship they have. A real care about the needs of the Arab sector (sewage, schools, roads) receives a modest place in the third decade.

During the disputed ballots in the Knesset on the Arab-Israeli confrontation, the members of Arab parties have always supported the position of the left block, which is quite eloquent testimony in favour of who Jewish “omnihumans” really support.

Summarising this section, we note that, despite the considerable heterogeneity of the Israeli society, its clear preference combining both the left and the conservative sides of the political spectrum, is the desire for a lasting peace. Disputes in this regard are only about the price which is acceptable to pay if and when there is a partner ready to seriously discuss this topic.

Unfortunately, there was no such partner for a century. I do not see it now – this is the sad fact, and not the “occupation”, “the refugee problem”, “the issue of settlements”, “the issue of Jerusalem,” etc., and it is a true and the only obstacle to peace.

IV. The union of two jihads

The modern world is a complex system of interdependence, global communications, agreements, contacts. Now even the great powers can not afford isolationism. Countries, cut off from the world market of goods and ideas, can not be helped today with either the giant sizes or billionth of population or a rich set of internal resources. What can we say about a country that boasts, among the Dead Sea salts, only the annual drought, unbearable heat, the internal enemies and a tangle of problems that seem insurmountable?

The threat of international isolation has always been the main concern of the Israelis. They can be broken by neither an Islamic terror, the Arab rockets nor Iranian bomb – all of this is real and does a very nasty injury, but never brought the country to its knees. What can not be said about isolation: an international boycott of Israel can literally suffocate it in no time. It is not surprising that the Arabs are making so big effort in the struggle for world opinion, not without reason believing that it is a victory in the fields of diplomacy, justice and the media that can be a revenge for the humiliating fiasco in trying to destroy Israel militarily.

On their side is a huge numerical superiority, the ability of the oil blackmail, seductions of a giant market stretching from Jakarta to Casablanca in the east to the west. They provided an automatic majority in the voting in all UN agencies.

It should be said clearly: the most real, the most terrible and most effective threat to the existence of the Jewish state comes today from the union signed by militant Islamists with left-leaning socialist circles of the West.

The fall of the Berlin Wall, which marked the symbolic end of the century – man-eating, looked as a triumph of civilisation, returning of the humanity tired of bloodshed to traditional standards, the
ancient morality.

Alas, the “left” Renaissance in Europe and the Americas puts us and our children to the explicit threat of a new Gulag and a new Auschwitz. Socialist slogan has not changed, it’s still the same: “take and share!” Take away from the bourgeoisie and divide among the proletarians, take away from the Jews and to divide between the Aryans, rob businesses and share with the unemployed … – specific objects and subjects of weaning and redistribution vary from case to case, but the principle is the same. On the standards of today’s socialists, the same words of “peace” are inscribed (which actually means “war”) and “social justice” (which actually means “total outrage”). Followed by all the same crowds of lumpen, illegals, loafers. They are just as skillfully seek out for themselves temporary allies among the minorities and the marginalized ones. But there are new elements in this situation.

This is already noted above secret treaty of friendship and mutual assistance, signed by the “left” West with militant Islam. At first glance, such combination looks incredible, but this is a false impression – in fact, if you take a closer look, you will find more similarities than differences. Both of these ideologies are universal or claim to be universal and world dominating. That is why they are set very aggressively with respect to any expression of the national state identity.

Israel is not acceptable in Islam, because the very fact of its existence prevents the formation of a monolithic kernel future victorious jihad. Consequently, progressive point of holy war of the “faithful” is directly dependent on the success or failure in the elimination of this source of the “infidels”glowing in the heart of the Islamic Ummah.

Similarly, Israel is not acceptable to the “left” doctrine because the very fact of its emergence as a national-oriented state prevents the approval of the “progressive” tendency of disappearance of nation states, the national idea. Consequently, the progressive moment of the planetary procession of “universal values” is directly dependent on the success or failure in the elimination of this island of nationalism glowing in the heart of Western civilisation.

Not only the similarity of Islamist and “left” logics is obvious, but also a clear commonality of goals and interests. Actively pushed “multiculturalism” is not aimed at supporting minority cultures, but the suppression of indigenous culture, which has always served as basis for national traditions, national state. Here again the solidarity of purposes is apparent: the “left” want to destroy the separate individual nation states, exactly the same goal is pursued by aggressive Islam.

Although current allies imagine different future scenarios. Socialists dream of the red banner of universal social justice and the Islamists see the green banner of universal Muslim ummah. But these differences apply only to the next stage which is marked with the word “then” of the famous software socialist anthem (“We will destroy this world of violence, down to the foundations, and then …”).

Both the “left” and Islamists instinctively take offensive stance barely hearing about Israel, the nation-state, on the indigenous national tradition. They do not require a general headquarters to be in the ranks of the same show – commonality of slogans is enough. This is what makes their union extremely dangerous: because we are talking not about tactical bow at the time of a voting campaign but the coincidence of the ideological depth.

Hence the enthusiasm with which the socialist press and the “left” ideologists have met essentially the Salafist “Arab Spring”. You bet: for them it marks all the same “progressive” trend in eliminating of national states on the way to the coveted “all-human universality.”

If you look closely, you can discern other common features. Both brother-socialists and Muslim brothers actively feed poor population, thus contributing to their social degradation. And then lumpens constitute the core of “revolutionary masses.” And they both have difficulty in creating one’s own values, material or spiritual and lure into their orbit all kinds of productive “useful idiots”.

The “left” and “mujahideens” do not limit themselves with whatever moral rules. Any means is good for victory over the enemy- in this sense, the prophets of socialism is Prophet Muhammad. Fraud, lies, dramatisation, fraud – the methods are exactly the same that the election in the White House or a shootout at the crossroads of Netzarim.

In recent years, the tandem “Arab terror – Western Socialists” operates with remarkable coherence. Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader in Gaza, complains of inertia of Arab brothers. But this mega-terrorist is satisfied with his socialist allies in Paris and Lyon, London and Madrid, Chicago and Toronto, New York and San Francisco. There, in response to each of the feed from Gaza Strip, thousands of attackers’ hand readily soar with “Sieg Heil”.

It takes the heat of anti-Israel demonstrations to a truly hysterical level there: pickets, riots of shelves with Israeli goods in supermarkets have become common in Western democracies. Yet socialists and anarchists are not taking up the gun: to date, they are confined to sticks and stones. We should also mention the provocative flotilla sailed regularly in order to break the mythical “siege” of Gaza.

What is it – taking care of the rights of the disadvantaged? .. acute sensitivity to human distress? .. noble pathos of humanists? But what then can explain the total indifference to the Sudanese genocide, the mass rape in Nigeria and the massacres in Syria, the children dying from hunger in Somalia? Kick butt at the Israeli checkpoint immediately got on the front pages of Western newspapers, and a village in the Libya south cut to the last child was not even mentioned in passing.

Wipe the Jewish state off the face of the earth – this is the aim of socialist allies of Hamas in Europe and America. Immoral? Monstrous? Inhumane? So what? Moral corruption had always been justified by fellow socialists’ “proletarian morality” or “revolutionary consciousness” or “bright future of mankind” – exactly the same as the Muslim Brotherhood is in a position to justify their crimes by any sura of the Koran or the Prophet’s example.

Normal people have the right to call meanness meanness and lies – lies. Tandem of the Socialist Islamist threats not only to Israel alone. Their total offensive unfolds around the world front. In this situation, every normal person needs to act now if they do not want to find out themselves in new gulags and Treblinka tomorrow, if they do not want their grandchildren’s heads be threatened by new Pol Pot hoes, new cultural revolutions and the new Nuremberg laws.

Israel is fighting for its survival, it looks small problem compared to the problem of the survival of humanity. But these two problems – large and small – are intertwined with each other so closely that it is not separate one from the other. This is why the World International of Normal People should not hesitate to express support for Israel and its struggle. If Masada falls again, then pretty soon it will be the turn of London and Paris, Rome and Washington. Healthy conservative forces must tirelessly fight for influence over those who, for one reason or another, succumbed to the hype of the “left” propaganda. After all, normal people always understand normal people.

Published by: Tarn Alex
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