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Execute him we should not talk to him

Published on: 2012-11-26 @ 22:35

We cannot either kill or relocate them. So, we must find and judge the criminals (destroy the thugs) and engage the others.
Two Arab guys in the settlement of Itamar cut the Vogel family, but there is little hatred of the Arabs in Israel, so the Arabs roam quietly because they are not in danger.

There is no hatred in Israel towards Russia which stuffed Arab regimes with weapons – of which thousands of Israelis were killed. And besides, there is no such anti-Israel UN resolution under which there was a signature of Russia, but there is no open hatred too, so the asymmetry is obvious.

It is said that “Israel has managed to keep a human face to an inhuman situation.” But in the curves of mirrors set around everybody only see a hook-Jewish nose. The notorious political correctness precludes from smashing those mirrors, well, because people like them.

Rocking the hatred is linked to an inferiority complex. Maybe it is fear? After all, we still remember as a “noble rage” once saved the country and half of its Jewish population from Nazism. Nowadays, Today, the radical Islam will play the card of hatred.

Many people see the path to peace through handover of the occupied (or liberated?) territories to the Arabs, despite having the Gaza experience where the southern Israel is being continuously fired from. So we must seek out another path and it will most likely be gradual.

On the one hand, “… Islam is a religion of a thousand-year tradition and dealing with it simply is impossible,” but on the other hand, the constant activity is inherent of radical Islam only. And this is the result of a purposeful parenting a child with general acquiescence. Therefore, a six-year old Arab girl dreams about “killing all Jews.”

Bet on hatred forms a stable symbiosis with the idea of world domination. This idea is like a cancer, you can remove the tumor of national socialism and world revolution which will cause formation of Islamic globalism metastases.

The Jews have always been an obstacle to the world domination. No one could but for stumble on them or get around this mysterious Jewish barrier. The radical Islam can not get around it too.

Is Israel at war? If it is, the supply of resources to the enemy in time of war is treason. Since its inception, Hamas declares: “Any Jew can be regarded as a military settler, and our duty is to kill him” and “our strategic goal is to liberate all of Palestine from the sea to the Jordan.”

Ismail Haniyeh has stated that even if a Palestinian state will be established within the 1967 borders, Hamas will only declare a truce, but will never recognize Israel and will continue the jihad. And for Hezbollah, the elimination of Israel has always been one of the main problems. The Manifesto of Hezbollah states “our struggle will end only when Israel will be destroyed.”
Explaining the Arab-Israeli conflict through religious intolerance of Islam is artificial. Indeed, for centuries in the Middle Ages within unlimited Arab domination, not only Judaism was not persecuted but even enjoyed the patronage and protection as the recognized religion of the Jews.

Arab immigrants are showing intolerance and aggressiveness in European countries. Instead of willingness to cooperate and participate in their own well-being, the are showing the position of disadvantaged dependents, in spite of the equality of rights with other citizens of their host countries.
The more effort and resources invested in their social system, the higher are their demands, increased hostility and alienation. Instead of willingness to fit into their host European Community, they openly show a desire to dominate. Even the relative material well-being does not reduce their aggressiveness, that makes you wonder about the nature of their aggressiveness.

The peoples’ triumph broke out spontaneously on 11 September 11 2001 in New Jersey.” The Arabs, citizens of America, poured into the square, openly rejoicing in the national tragedy of their adopted country. And while the “politically correct” Anglo-Saxons did not know what to do, less politically correct immigrants from Italy crashed their cars in the merry crowd and began shooting at it from the windows. And the crowd immediately dispersed.

There always have been”unnecessary people” everywhere, but their numbers and influence is different. And certainly not often they are regarded as “the most favored nation” as in the modern Western culture where the army of “the unnecessary” is growing and gaining strength on the background of general decline in natality and the extinction of the indigenous population.

Gradually the conflict in the minds of many people has been transformed into a war of civilizations …. But exactly what civilizations? It has become customary to say- East and West. But in the world presently there are at least four civilizations, no doubt related to the East – Hindu, Islamic, Confucian, and Japanese. In addition, there are Latin, Slavic-Orthodox, and African civilizations that do not belong to Western civilization.

Next, they begin to study the differences in the ways of development of Western and Eastern civilizations. If we assume that the Western civilazation is mainly focused on changing and improving the external world, performing scientific and technical progress based on intellectual potential, the Eastern civilization is focused on the improvement of man’s inner world in order to achieve its harmony with the outside world. But then it is evident that Islamic civilization has clearly falls out of the Eastern civilization group.

Unfortunately, the Arabs found themselves outside the two main directions of development of Western and Eastern civilizations. You can analyze the way they passed, and I also devoted a portion of my time by writing “To the history of the origin and development of Islam.” We find that it was unproductive direction: the aggressiveness is becoming the highest value, religious tolerance is weakening, there is regression of public morality. All the activity proved to be destructive.

But what it can give us today in search for constructive solutions? I think more importantly is not to understand why they have become such as they are but to ensure that they are not all “such as they are”. Moreover, it may be that the majority of them is different.

The terrorists and street thugs do not represent the Muslim civilization. And they should be treated not as representatives of a civilization but as sheer criminals. There is no need to scare ourselves with war of civilizations.

We notice that neither gratuitous economic aid nor material donations have a chance to weaken the aggressiveness. On the contrary, they can only strengthen it.

We need to focus on people who loosened the roots of the national psychological characteristics of the Arabs. Psychologists name these features: lack of initiative; carelessness about the future, the cult of power in interpersonal relations and international relations, the confidence that justice is always on the side of the strong and any concession in dispute reflects the weakness of the surrenderer but not a voluntary confession of justice of the opponent. We can not find a way to cooperate constructively if we focus only on these features.

We can not accept the fact that all the Arabs and, moreover, all Muslims are guided by the principle: “what you can not catch up, overtake and subdue, must be destroyed.” The destructive activity is not a fatal propensity of the Arabs which is confirmed by the Dubai’s emirate – an example of thriving and constantly developing and improving modern resort.

Recent events prove the possibility of continuing the search for ways to constructively address the Middle East conflict. These events include the following. Recognition by judge Goldstone of an error in his report. Recognition of Israel’s right to protect its water boundaries and illegal attempts to break the naval blockade, by Palmer commission appointed by the UN. Locking of the Palestinian unilateral declaration of the state initiatives by most countries in the UN Security Council.

Denial by the Palestinians to negotiate the security of Israel resulted in greater political pressure on Palestine than Israel. Almost all developed countries boycotted the conference on racism in Durban, which resulted in anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic campaign. Those who deliberately took part in it, once again revealed its true face, a frank racism and antisemitism. Those who are most active in trying to isolate Israel have isolated themselves.

After a stormy debate in the Parliament of Australia, it was decided on the inadmissibility of the demonstrations and campaigns calling for boycott against Israeli companies under the guise of protecting “human rights”, the “struggle for freedom of speech” and “democracy.” The Australian Parliament has determined such action to boycott Israeli goods as a “Nazi.”

The West is tired of the Palestinian antics and provocations. Israel is increasingly perceived as a bastion of Western culture in the world of anti-culture. Only a few years ago the “University campuses” have ceased to be stands for the pro-Palestinian, ultra left groups, which until recently were dominated by extremely anti-Israel sentiment. Now, dozens of Jewish and pro-Israel groups openly enter into the debate with their opponents and gain points in the debate.

The world is gradually regaining legitimacy. Anyone who wants to invite extremists and supporters of terrorism have right to do so but should be aware that this sympathy has its price. Those who hoped that any defamation in the courts remain unanswered morphed into the persecuted from the persecutors. More and more politicians understand that Israel should be strengthened because it is a barrier to Arab aggression.

Objective reality is not so dark and sinister as it is being presented. In the next 100 years there will supposedly be only the old Middle East, with its deceptions, especially infidels, poverty and lawlessness. Therefore, Israel should seek to separate from the Arabs, if it is still possible. To do this, Israel must come up with a realistic map, in which the Arabs are Arabs and one continuous area (excluding Gaza), and in Israel – as fewer Arabs as possible, even “friendly”.

If it turns out that Iran is close to producing its own nuclear bomb, it must be prevented at any cost. “Hezbollah” and its leader Nasrallah would be unable to lift the head without the Iranian support. If we add to this aid to Hamas, then we can say that Iran is waging war of aggression against Israel with hands of terrorist organizations. Under these circumstances, tacit consent to the production of nuclear weapons by Iran would be madness on its part.

Large-scale invasion of the U.S. and its allies in the Middle East, demonstrated by the experience of Iraq and later, Libya, is not in the interests of Israel. Therefore it must be prevented by Israel’s pre-emptive strike on Iran. Although many consider it reasonable to wait “until America is ready on its own to strike on Iran.”

By demonstrating the Arab and Western world its crushing operation in Iran, Israel can really prevent an aggression against Syria. Strengthening the Syrian regime and stunning the Iranian head, in the near future Israel would provide for a peaceful existence in a skilful diplomatic and geopolitical game.

The U.S. and NATO are interested in weakening Israel to then use it “as a bargaining chip to trade with the ordinary demoniac” anti-globalists “- like those who had replaced Gaddafi.”

The term “demoniac” should be attributed not only to Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah, but Obama and Sarkozy. As of recent, the leaders of the “free world” behave more mischievous in a foreign policy than many dictators. Their intrusion into the zone of immediate interests of Israel through Syria and Iran will be the worst of scenarios for Israel.

Much of the ruling class and the clergy of Iran today set negatively not only toward its President. There is no doubt already about the fact of a complete failure of the Hommeyni revolution due to the failure of Hommeyni pseudo-messiah project. Shiite experience could not be exported in any state.

In case of assistance on Israel’s part in elimination of Ahmadinejad, the possibility of a military-strategic alliance with his successor is possible. After all, Israel had been already an ally of Iran for many years. It’s no secret that many Iranians would like to restore friendship with Israel.

“The project for the destruction of Israel” is carried out with financial support of Hamas from Saudi Arabia. Hatred of the Jews by the majority of Arabs living in the neighboring countries where there is no a single Jew is the result of extensive outreach funded mainly by the same Saudi Arabia. Hatred fuels the idea of world domination, a creation of the world caliphate. Hence, the rejection of imperial ambitions would deprive bet on hatred its sence.

One cannot avoid the problem of nationalism as the national democrats openly and strongly advocate for Israel. However, nationalism itself is flawed, since it is based on the preferences of its people, regardless of the position of other nations.

In other words, nationalism can be viewed as a group selfishness. If a nation in a multinational state, which dominates in the government, adheres to nationalist ideology, there is ethnic tension. Therefore, national concerns coincide with the state concerns only in a mono-national state.

A Jewish nationalism occupies a special place, as long as “the Torah provides for unification of the Jews to fulfil the mission of training other peoples to overcome ethnic differences.” In other words, Jewish nationalism seeks to do away with a nationalism.

Mark Avrutin.

Published by: Avrutin Mark
Posted under: Publications

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