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Yes, I support Israel

Dear Friends

Published on: 2012-11-22 @ 14:32


Dear Friends, Jews and non-Jews all over the world,

It is really symbolic that recently registered movement International Support Israel opens its site just when Israel has started active military actions to stop rocket fire from Gaza. As a beginning, the “chief of stuff” of Hamas bands has been liquidated 14.11.12. He was long due for organizing of and participating in killings of several hundred civilian Jews. This liquidation was responded by dozens of rockets launched toward Israel from Gaza during the next day. Israel answered by heavy air strikes aimed mainly to destroy missiles that are able to cover up to 70-80 km. At the moment when I am typing these lines already close to 850 rockets hit Israel. People, almost half of the country’s population are tuned to sirens, being prepared to hurry to a nearest shelter having only 15-90 seconds, depending upon the distance from Gaza. The TV and radio frequently repeat instructions what to do when the sirens are on.

Although it is obvious that Israel needs nothing but peace she is portrayed in the media and by many politicians as a brutal force that targets “innocent” people. “Israel continues to make an international racket with its three dead. In fact it is Israel that violated the ceasefire,”- said Turkish Prime-minister Erdogan couple of days ago, thus mentioning three Israelis killed by a rocket fired from Gaza. This is an intentional lie. If Israel would not do so much to prevent suffering of people that are not directly engaged in attacks against Israel, Hamas resistance would last a day or may be only several hours.

The events of these days clearly demonstrate that Israel needs international understanding and truthful description of the reality. The reality is that there is no Arab-Israeli conflict, but an aggressive attack of a peaceful country by terrorists. The action of Israeli government is dictated not by forthcoming elections, not by desire to suppress, enslave or humiliate local Arabs, but by unbearable situation of terrorist attacks against citizens of this country. Israeli economy is in good shape, the country grows economically rather fast. The birth rate even in Jewish secular sector is very high when compared to other highly developed country. Israel is one of the healthiest countries in the world. By no means is she dependent upon US or any other country’s economic aid. Recent discoveries of promising gas and oil sources make the situation even better.

At first glance, only VIP can effect the situation around Israel. This is not true. Every simple man can contribute a lot fighting against lie directed against Israel. You see the obvious lie on the TV, hear in the radio – respond immediately by mail or call to the editors, newsmakers and politicians. Tell them openly your opinion. If your friends and colleagues present incorrect information about the events around Israel – do not hesitate to expose them the truth, even being in the minority. Today’s minority transforms into tomorrow’s majority. This is vitally important. Each letter or call is almost zero, but together they are almost infinitely strong. Nobody will do it for you. If not you, then who will do it? Remember, today’s war is the war for public opinion, where the voting majority is not too much engaged in the situation around Israel. They are open to both truth and lie almost about everything, including, of course, Israel. Our task is to present reliable and accurate facts, and do it fast.

It is important also to distribute truthful information about great past of the Jewish people, about heroic past and present of Israel. This country is not only an endless war and suffering. On the contrary, this is prosperous and rapidly developing land that can be confirmed by anybody who visited it with open eyes and heart. You can help to distribute this information.

It is a great aim to protect Israel’s and thus your and your children future.


  Miron Ya Amusia, professor of physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Published by: Amusia Miron
Posted under: Letters

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