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Open letter to the Israeli intellectuals

Published on: 2016-09-18 @ 09:56

Open letter to the Israeli intellectuals


An open letter sighned by 500 eminent Israelis is an appeal to the Jews of the Diaspora. The letter is sponsored by “Save Israel, stop the occupation” organization and states:

“We call upon Jews around the world to join with Israeli partners for coordinated action to end the occupation and build a new future, for the sake of the State Israel and the generations to come. “



Here is our response to Israeli intellectuals:


We, the Jews of the Diaspora who have signed this letter, regard your assertion about the “occupied Palestinian territories”  to be false.


This term and this point of view began to be introduced into the public consciousness immediately after the Six Day War by the left Israel circles, in partnership with the enemies of Israel all over the world. Later, the lies about “occupied territories” got the legitimacy in 1993, and in 1995 in the “Oslo Accords”. The sorrow that it brought to the people of Israel is not needed to be described. Your efforts for the continuation of the unwinding process of transformation of  the “liberated territories” in the “occupied territories”, are corrupted and undemocratic. We believe that Israel is not the place for those who do not believe in the right of Jews to the Land of Israel.


(persons interested to join can report about the consent in edition of the site:


Mark Avrutin, Germany;

Artur Shtilman, USA;

Lev Gavartin, Germany;

Vladimir Opendik, USA;

Leonid Komissarenko, Germany;

Lev Madorsky, Germany;

Grigory Gurevich, USA;

leonid Eylman,USA;

Vladimir Uglev, RF;

Boris Zelkin, USA;

lev shneyer, Australia;

Eduard Gutkin, USA;

David Silberman,USA;

Moisei Boroda, Germany;

Rudolf Khaikin, Australia;

leonid Charney, USA;

Miron Reidel, USA;

Evgeny Golov, RF;

Anna Luvishis, USA;


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