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Yes, I support Israel

Land of Israel – To the Children of Jacob

Published on: 2016-04-08 @ 13:31

Dear friends!
 Over a hundred years ago an active struggle began over the land of the Jews in Palestine. This and the creation of the Zionist movement, the purchase of land, the partaking of the Jewish Legion in the war against the Ottoman Empire for the Liberation of Palestine, and the next one hundred years of struggle for survival on this land.
The best proof of the belonging of this land to the Jews would be the fact that it was the Jews who managed to turn this dead and barren land into a blooming oasis.
However, the anti-Semitic world community ignores this argument, and the Israeli leadership has steadfastly refused to make any other arguments. The message that the Legal Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel prepared a study granting the entire territory from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea to Israel, flashed in the press and disappeared without trace.
I propose to combine the efforts of the Jews who share the look that all the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, including those living in Israel as well as those living outside, in support of the initiative of the deputy head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry; Tzipi Hottoveli “the land of Israel – the children of Jacob.”
(You may report your agreement to join this appeal by submitting a letter to the editor on the site
Mark Avrutin.

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