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Open letter

Published on: 2016-01-02 @ 23:12

Open letter


Israeli Internal Security Minister Mr. Gilad Erdan, , Tel 02-6408189, 03-6977154, fax 02-6753982

The Inspector General of the Israel Police, Mr. Roni Alsheih


Dear Sirs,


All Israel is aware of the enormous role played by police in the life of every citizen and the whole country. It demonstrates surprising and admirable courage and resourcefulness in the fight against Arab terror. It protects people from ordinary criminals and simple troublemakers. Anyone trapped in a dangerous situation knows that by dialing 100, he will usually obtain fast and efficient help. That’s what I not only know from others, but also experienced firsthand. The high quality of the police work, the complexity of the problems facing her gives it a very high reputation among many people in Israel. By itself, this reputation is an asset, the preservation of which should attract great attention of the Ministry of Internal security, and the police herself.

In this regard, I was quite surprised to read 12/28/15 online of 9th TV channel a message that “next Thursday, December 31 investigators of the especially serious crimes department “Lahav 433″ will question Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Netanyahu”. Expecting that such an important department will not waste time in vain, I was extremely surprised to read that the reason for the questioning is “suspicion of abuses – in particular, the investigators suspect that the couple Netanyahu included bills for services and minor repairs of their villa in Caesarea in statements of expenditure for the maintenance of the official residence of the Prime Minister in Jerusalem. The payment for a nurse for Sarah’s farther and buying food will be also considered“.

And that stuff is no joke, but a concern of “Lahav 433″?! It is very good that the police in Israel have the right to investigate improper and, especially, criminal cases even of prominent political leaders and their family members. Police is known to really exercise this right. But everything has to have a reasonable limit, because “from the great to the ridiculous is only one step.” And you, gentlemen, should not allowed the police to become ridiculous in the eyes of the of the people.

It is not yet forgotten the promised investigation into the huge amount of ice cream eaten by the prime minister and his guests, tremendous amount of bought flowers, drunken wine though for some reason of not lowest quality (horrible, “they” lost their modesty!). Where is the answer about a double bed to fly long-haul flights by the prime-minister? Why his wife could not sleep on a mat next to the bed – she is not a popularly elected person, is not she?! Why could not the couple sleep instead together in a single-bed, in a “sandwich-like” fashion, for example? Where are the empty wine bottles and state money received for them? And what is disclosed about the couple’s attempt to put a personal dog on the state feeding? Somebody managed to prevent this or not?

And, last but not least. If today is a public reception for foreign guests; the state pays for it, but what about tomorrow? Perhaps the leavings are eaten next morning privately by Netanyahu and his family, including Sarah and their dog, nothing paying for it out of own salary? What happened to the story of the gifts that thrifty wife of the prime-minister hid in the basement of an anonymous billionaire where the “evidence” was found by “alerted repair workers”? All this has thundered and is still thundering in the press! And in all this and similar stuff, too, “Lahav 433″will be engaged in? If so, then the department should be closed, since it clearly has nothing adequate to do!

Yesterday I read that Ms. 12/31/15 Netanyahu was questioned for six hours. Forty years ago I was interrogated by the KGB, in the Big House in Leningrad, also for six hours. But there it was a serious, albeit fictional, occasion – my employee was accused of spying for the United States. This fiction led him to 15 years in prison. What, “Lahav 433″ needs dubious laurels of the KGB? Hard to believe that in Israel, contrary to the USSR, the court will almost automatically support the investigation. The failure of the legal proceedings will turn finally all charges in a farce with political advocacy painting, in which the police clearly ought not to participate.

Speaking about the allegations at least with a bit of seriousness, it should be borne in mind that, for example, the use of the premier private villa as a place of reception for state visitors considerably increases the costs to upkeep it, simply due to the presence of many guests and inevitable increase of guard. Modesty in reception of foreign VIPs in Israel is to be commended. But the level of it should not in any way be lower than the acceptable in the world. This, like all of the above allegations against the prime minister’s wife, is simply not compatible with the well-being achieved by Israel, and her place in today’s world. The accusations, which I mentioned above, and the corresponding investigation, may be graciously accepted by the plebs, but are far from being serious and of little use to the State of Israel.

I understand that initiation of this or that investigation is the initiative of not only the police. But to go on about the media and some politicians is hardly worth it. Resistance to those who sometimes call themselves “public opinion” is difficult, but it allows manifesting leadership qualities needed for prominent executives.

I would be grateful if the two of you, together, provided the police department “Lahav 433″, and maybe some other divisions occupied with something similar, worthy goals.


Sincerely yours, Miron Ya. Amusia, professor of physics,

Jerusalem, tel.

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