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OPEN LETTER To Speaker of the House of Representatives

Published on: 2015-04-24 @ 09:09


                                               To Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner

Dear Mr John Boehner,

We are going through a time when inaction and keeping silent is unacceptable. The efforts of the president of the largest world power Barack Obama drew the world near the point beyond which the world’s survival and safety will be completely dependent on the Islamic regime of Iran.

While negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, actually protected by the US President, were held, it has reached a point where one can build a nuclear weapon within two or three months. During the negotiations, the number of centrifuges at the disposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran has increased from one hundred to 20,000 pieces.

No agreement will stop the Ayatollah obscurantist regime existing in Iran in their pursuit of nuclear weapons. The only way to avoid nuclear war is to stop the “negotiations” with ayatollahs, vying for atomic warheads, repeatedly reinforce sanctions against Iran and thereby achieve the fall of the Islamist regime in Iran. However, Barack Obama will try to do everything possible to bring to the end the criminal deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Dear Mr Boehhner, we ask you to be imbued with the fate of our world. Perhaps the future of the planet is now in the hands of the US Congress. Before it’s too late, the US Congress should take the necessary measures to ensure that the possession of nuclear weapons by the Islamic regime of Iran is completely excluded.

Mark Avrutin, Germany;

Artur Shtilman, USA;

Evgeny Kisin, USA

Arié Barats, Israel;

Oleg Wechsler, Germany;

Ruvil Shatunovsky, Israel;

Elena Greenberg, Germany;

Vladimir Bryukhanov, Germany;

Vladimir Borisov, Russia;

Dr. Leonid Eylman, USA;

Prof. Anatoly Lipsky, Israel;

Dr. Evgeny Liverts, Israel;

Alexander Bizyak, Israel;

Prof. Moisey Boroda, Germany;


Tatyana Goldovskaya, Germany;

Lidiya Mirchevskaya, Germany;

Dr. Boris Altshuler, Germany;

Irina Loktev, Israel;

Dr. Vladimir Pevzner, Australia;

Haim Breyterman, Israel;

Grigory Gurevich, USA;

 Lilia Arbuzova,  США;

 Eduard Gutkin, USA;

Amos Goldin, Israel;

Ilya Fishman, Kazakhstan;

 Samuil Tisman, Israel;

Rabbi Avrekh Kaziyev, USA;

Prof. Miron Ya. Amusia, Israel;

 Aneta Amusia, Israel;

Lev Leytman, Israel;

Lidiya Leytman, Israel;

 Alexander Leytman, Israel;

Leytman Vladimir, Russia;

 Leytman Marín, Russia;

Leytman Olga, Russia;

Irena Leytman-Cretova, Germany;

Igor Kretov, Germany;

Victor Yelistratov, USA;

 Amalia Chernavskaya, Russia;

Pauline Gruental,  Usa;

Prof. Sergey Polyak, Israel;

Zvi (Vladimir) Iskos, Israel;

Alexander Zolott, Australia;

 Aliza Bekker, Australia;

Prof. Vladimir Kiyevsky, Australia;



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