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Yes, I support Israel

About the project

Published on: 2012-10-26 @ 07:55

Ladies and gentlemen,

the website you are visiting has been created to highlight the work of social movement “Cultural dialogue and international support for Israel» (CDIAL & INSI) designed to bring together all who are aware of the need to support Israel as an outpost of Western civilization.

The round table “Dialogue of Cultures” is working on a permanent basis under the slogan “Searching Way Out” and will become the main uniting tool.

Over time, English will become the working language of the website.

Contrary to many existing ones, the new site offered to you has not been created for pleasant communication just for the sake of communication aiming at self-assertion and demonstration of intellectual abilities.

Our goal is not only communication but co-creation and finding of constructive solutions to problems that will be putting up for discussion.

Materials, in which the authors do not always share the same views, will be published in accordance with the stated problem.

A balanced solution, properly executed, will be sent to the concerned organizations and distributed to the media.

In addition to this, in the “Events” section, reviews of important events of the region of interest will be published on a regular basis.

Besides, in the “History” section, historical works that contribute to finding a solution set to discuss the problem will be published.

Letters received from concerned readers will be considered by the editors, and resolutely, some of the letters will be published entirely, and others – in the overview of letters.

Published by: Avrutin Mark
Posted under: Administrator

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