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Yes, I support Israel

Open letter

Published on: 2014-12-13 @ 15:46

We, the undersigned, both Israelis and non-Israelis, say to the Parliaments of the civilized countries, as well as to the international community as a whole, that the recognition of a “Palestinian” state, artificially created for a people with no history is totally unjust and unjustified.  It will only worsen the precarious situation in this part of world, will be costly, will promote continuation of terror, and lead to continued suffering of Jews and Arabs, those in Israel and those in the “Palestinian” Authority.  Actually, the best solution for the problems of people in the region is to leave them alone, without permanent intrusion of the international community.  If left alone, those people, Arabs and Jews, would find a way to come to a compromise, this by redirecting their energies to the improvement of living standards: continuing to develop industry, agriculture, science, art and education.  Local Arabs would at last start to democratically elect their leaders, thus replacing the present corrupt ones.  And you, the international community, would be able to concentrate efforts in averting bloodshed in Syria, Iraq, the Ukraine, Somalia, etc., where the overall human toll already reaches into the hundreds of thousands.  P.S. This Letter was considerably edited by Prof. J. Bekenstein   

Prof. Miron Amusia, Recipient of the Humboldt Price, Fellow of the American
Physical Society, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural sciences, Racah
Institute of Physics (professor emeritus) and Ioffe Physical-Technical

Mark Avrutin, Executive director of a social movement CDIAL&INSI;

Prof. Jacob Bekenstein, physicist, Recipient of Israel Prize and of Wolf Prize, member of Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities;
Leonid Chernin, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. of Sciences, Professor of Genetics, Israel;

Dr. L. Grienbaum;

 Dr. Leonid Eylman,USA;

Boris Eskin, winner of an award of the Union of writers of Israel;

Olga Eskina, architect;

Elena Kardash, Ph.D. Dr. of Chemistry, Israel;

 Emmanuil Lubarsky, Diplom. Engineer, USA;

Emil Mengeritsky, doctor of science;

Lidia Mirchevskay;

Bella Minz;

Genrih Khodakov, professor, doctor physical mat. Sciences;

Dina Safyan,engineer, Haifa;

Dr. M. Tsindlekht, Senior researcher, Hebrew university

Oleg Veksler, the diplom. engineer, the blogger;

Emanuel Libin, in the past worker Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel;

Benjamin Chernuhin, Ramat-Gan, Israel;

Semyon Itskovich, in antecedents the Doctor of Engineering, professor, nowadays (in the USA) the journalist, the political analyst;

Dr. M. Amdur;

Vladimir Krastoshevsky, USA

Vladimir Ishal;

Boris Khaykin, USA;

 Etta Portnoy, USA;

Galina Dega, USA;

Evgeny Liverts, Senior Research Associate Racah Institute of Physics  Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; 

Alina Ishal;

Lev Edelstein, Israel;

Prof., Vladimir Kiyevsky, Editor of the magazine «Menorah», Australia;

Moisey Frenklakh, Israel;

Boris Kaplan, USA;

Dr.Inessa Moroz, Israel;

David Fridman;

Dr. Vladimir Pevzner, Australia

Boris Rowe, USA;

Tatiana Feldman. Israel;

Reena Krichevski, economist of state enterprise, Israel;

ShlomoRikman, Israel;

Prof. Isaak Edelstein;

Anatoly Berezin, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Andrey Layman, USA;

Dr. Nahum Krupetskiy, USA;

Dr. Gregory Gurevich, USA;

Haim Breyterman,USA;

Dr. Irina Segal, Israel;

Prof. Israel Felner, Racah Institute of Physics,The Hebrew University, Jerusalem;

Dr. Arkady Chaplya, the member of the International Academy on an iformatization at the UN, Israel;

Samuil Karlsbrun, USA, engineer;

Rikle Karlsbrun, USA, engineer;

Yana Goldovskaya, doctor, Germany;

Lev Krymsky;

Semyon Tsyvkin, Israel;

Dasha Tsyvkina, Israel;

Leonid Charney, USA;

Prof. Boris Medres, Independent Academy of Science Development in Israel

Dr. Inna Gektin, physicist, Israel;

Dr. Semion Milshtein, USA;

Prof. Emanuel Yakobson, University of Latvia, Riga;

Dr. Alexandr Bachmutsky;

Natalia Bachmutsky;

Prof. Andrey Pugovkin, S/Petersburg State Pediatric Medical  University, Russia;

Yosef Begun;

Leonid Shvartsman, Australian Forum of Russian Jewry;

Dr. R. Raikhlin;

Ilona Slutsker;

Oleg Aranovich;

Katia Epshtain;

Valeri Epshtain;

Dr. Benzion Kotlik;

Dr. Anatoliy Rubinovich, USA;

Ninel Rubinovich, USA;

Isaak Lapides, Dr. of Chemistry, Dr.of Physics, Israel;

Alexander Held;

Prof. Israel Felner,Racah Institute of Physics,The Hebrew University, Israel;

Dr. Yacov Girshberg, Racah Institute of Physics,The Hebrew University, Israel;

Lev Bernat, Israel;

Alla Udin,  poetess, member of the union of Russian-speaking writers of Israel;

Solomon Namestnik, engineer;

Dr. Michael Byalsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem;

Moshe Boroda, writer;

Leonid Komissarenko, designer, winner Gos. awards;

Boris Liebman, Israel;

Yosef Gimelfarb, Israel;

Ella Byalsky;

Mark Lifchits, Israel;

Tatyana Lifchits, Israel;

Lidia Shomer, engineer, Israel;

Shimon Shomer, engineer, Israel;

Nellie Tsirulnikova, Israel;

Lev Tsirulnikov,Israel;

Avi Tsirulnikov, Israel;

David Zilberberg,Israel;

Zhanna Zilberberg, Israel;

Irina Luzon, Israel;

Efraim Luzon, Israel;

Dr. Alexandr Malamud, Israel;

Ruven Michnik;

Avigdor Cohen;

Rimma Shukova;

Dr.Ilya Nemtsov,writer, the winner of an award of Yu. Nagibin;

Natalia Rein, Israel;

Naum Goldman, Israel;

Tatjana Lejner, Israel;

Jakov Krut;

Sergej Rudenko, RF;

Grigorij Grinberg, USA;

Dr. Margarita Rudnitskaya, Israel;

Marina Brodskaya, USA;

Irina Gordon, Russia;

Maria Nikolaeva, Israel;

Samuil Tisman, Israel;

Lina Litvinenko, Israel;

Dr. Naum Krupetsky, Israel;

Lev Madorsky, Germany;

Ilia Elinson, Israel;

Prof. Amos Frumkin, Geography DepartmentThe Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel;

Dr. Geula Paran, Israel;

Prof. Ely Merzbach, Dept. of Mathematics Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel;

Prof. Shlomo Kaniel, The Center for Academic Studies, Israel;

Ella Abidor, Israel;

Raisa Schwarzman, Israel;

 Grigory Schwarzman, Israel;

Dov Weissberg, Israel;

Dr. Zvi Zaphir, Hi-Teck Engineer,Israel;

Miriam Bukshpan, Israel;

Erez Uriely, Israel;

Prof. Boris Granovsky, Department of Mathematics Technion, Haifa, Israel;

Dr. Amos Meyer, Israel;

Prof. Eliav Shochetman, Israel;

Vladimir Tsvasman, Professional Engineer,  Province of Ontario;

Dr. Chaim Kalchheim, Israel;

Dr. Uri Zaretsky, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering,Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University;

Boris Solko, Israel;

Dr. Edward L. White, Blackman Chair in Brain Research Department of Morphology Ben-Gurion Univ. School of Medicine, Israel;

Dr.Avraam Herman, Israel;

Dr. Sara Zviel, Israel;

Israel Zviel,Israel;

Dr.Gadi Eshel, Israel;

Prof. Shmuel Yariv, Israel;

Dr. Netta Kohn, Israel;

Prof. Joel Kronfeld, Department of Geosciences,Tel Aviv University;

Dr. Semyon Epstein, Israel;

Anna Berdichevskaya, head teacher, Israel;

Vladimir Berdichevsky, Hl. designer of the project, Israel;

Simcha Brooks, Israel;








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