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Why Is Israel’s War With Hamas A Just War?

Published on: 2014-07-29 @ 08:07

Haarets:  Why Is Israel’s War With Hamas A Just War?

 When This War Ends, Society Will Begin Asking Difficult And Unflattering Questions.

 Did Israel Do All That It Could In A Period Of Calm So Rare In Our Area Of The World To Achieve Progress In The Peace Negotiations?

 Did The United States Demonstrate Adequate Caution In Demanding The Avoidance Of The Strategic Vacuum Which Took Shape Following The Collapse Of John Kerry’s Negotiating Initiative?

 Was Israel’s Security System Up To The Task Of Assessing The Threat From Hamas And Its Readiness To Offer Up Such Fierce Resistance?

 Did Israeli Society Provide The Army With All The Support It Needed To Prepare For War?

 Did The Aggressive Virus Of Political Correctness Not Bring About A Situation Where The Radical Element Of The Leftist Camp Had Its Thought Process Definitively Damaged?

 Did The Bloodshed Of Recent Weeks Cause Israel’s Democracy To Lose Its Ability To See The Full Scope Of Reality, To Forego Its Capacity For Compassion And Become Intolerant?

 The Time Will Come When We Will Have To Provide In-Depth Responses To All These Questions.

 Now, However, When Our Soldiers Are Forward-Deployed Risking Their Lives, One Should Ask Other, But No Less Important, Questions:  Against Whom Are We Conducting Ths War?; What Are We Fighting For?; And To What Extent Is This A Just War?

 Whom Are We Fighting Against?: A Fascist Contingent Inflicting Horrors Upon The Residents Of Gaza; Oppressing Women, Gays, And Christians; And Despising The Values Of Democracy, Freedom And Progress.

 Anyone Displaying Even A Minimal Degree Of Compassion And Solidarity Towards Hamas Is Supporting A Dark, Fanatical Religious Tyranny.   The Writer Amos Oz Has Expounded About Israeli Neo-Nazis.  Hama’s Associates Are Palestinian Neo-Nazis.  They Transformed The First Palestinian Enclave To Gain (Relative) Freedom Into A Totalitarian Bastion.  Over A Ten-Year Period They Attacked Israel Time And Again.  They Categorically Rejected Each And Every Israeli Attempt To Prevent Escalation Of The Conflict.  They Launched Thousands Of Rockets At Israel’s Civilian Population.

 They Put Together A Smoothly Functioning, Diabolical Strategy Which Pursues Two Objectives: To Kill Peaceful Jewish Citizens And To Compel The Israel Defense Force To Kill Innocent Palestinians Whom The Criminals Use As Human Shields.  Inflicting Death, This Terrorist Conglomerate Seized Control Of The Sector By Military Means In 2007, Executing Their Political Rivals/Fellow Palestinians.  Members Of The Group Are Military Criminals.  They Must Not Be Allowed To Emerge Victorious From This Battle.  We Must At All Costs Avoid Showing Any Empathy Towards The Universal Evil Represented By This Organization. 

 What Are We Fighting For?  For Our Home.  The Jewish People, Who Did Not Have A Home Of Their Own, Did The Impossible And Built A Home For Themselves.  The State Of Israel Is A True Miracle.  One Cannot Deny This Miracle.  One Cannot Subject It To Danger.  One Cannot Perceive Its Existence As Something That Can Be Taken For Granted.  When Dark Forces Attempt To Destroy Our Home, Each Of Us Has A Duty To Defend It.  When Self-Righteous And Hypocritical Forces Seek To Weaken Our Home, It Is Our Duty To Strengthen Its Foundation.  A New And Terrible Threat Is Taking Shape Around Us:  Arab Islamic Chaos.  The Enemy, Aiming At Our Soul, Is Crowding Around The Walls Of Our Home.

 It Is For These Reasons That Our Pilots Are Carrying Out The Primary Task Of Allowing The Single Jewish State To Continue Its Existence.  It Is For The Same Reasons That Soldiers Of The Golani Brigade And Paratroopers Fulfill The Primary Mission Of Allowing The Sole Democracy In The Middle East To Survive.   What Residents In The South Of The Country Are Now Encountering Is A Genuine Attempt To Decimate Their Home And Bury Them Beneath Its Rubble.  Even When The Assault Coming From Gaza Is Most Intense, We Must Not Forget What I Noted Above:  We Are Not Goliath.  We Were David And Have Remained David.  And We Defend Ourselves As David Would Have.

 Is Our War A Just One?  Absolutely.  We Committed Horrible Mistakes:  Political, Military And Strategic.  We Were Haughty And Unconcerned, Walking Into A Trap With Our Eyes Open.  But, My Friends, We Must Avoid Making Mistakes In Judgment And Overstepping The Lines Of What Is Appropriate.  We Must Show Resolve In Confronting The Hellish Tunnels And Satanic Rockets.  At Times It Is Awkward For Us To Speak About This Openly.  We Have Forgotten These Simple Words:  Justice Is On Our Side.  In This Terrible And Tragic History Of Events We Are In The Right.  Whatever We Have Left To Do In The Immediate Future, We Must Accomplish It With Common Sense And Reason.

 Translation of Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation. SDF, P.O.Box 7789, North Port , FL 34290   USA

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