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Yes, I support Israel


Published on: 2014-07-20 @ 14:58


At the hour when a gang of Islamic terrorists, under the shield of the million-and-a-half Arab population in Gaza, is shelling peaceful towns in Israel, the duty of every honest man is to support the people of Israel in their just struggle. And, first and foremost, the events in Israel cannot leave the Jewish Diaspora impassive. To us, the Jews of the Diaspora, the State of Israel calls todayasking, urging, and demanding for help. Every Jew, no matter which country he/she lives in, is a potential citizen of the Jewish State. And it is now that the missiles fall on this land, the children are under fire, and our brothers defend our right to life, with weapon in their hands.

We call on the Jews all around the world, no matter what country you live in, to unite and act in support of Israel. Those who are Israel’s enemies – they also our enemies. Today they are killing our brothers in Israel, tomorrow they will come to kill us. This war is now not only in the dark tunnels of Gaza, among fires and explosions, at a gunpoint of the Hamas killers. It has already spilled over to the streets of our city, over pages of our newspapers and our TV channels.

Help to Israel how you can: by demonstrations, pickets, donations, articles involving the Internet-based discourse, the letters to media outlets, and appeals to the courts, government offices and embassies. Do not stay away passive this position can become dangerous for yourself and  your life. Do not draw down the curtains of your windows in your house - they shall not protect you from spitting of leftist activists, or stones of Islamic hooligans, or grenades thrown by terrorists.

And, on our side, we, the Diaspora Jews, appeal to the leadership of Israel – please, stop to repent, show sorrow, for the eradication of murderers who deliberately protect themselves under a human shield” and who are ready to destroy, together with the hated Israeli enemy”, more than a million of their own compatriots.

Mark Avrutin, Frankfurt, Germany

Grigory Avrukh

The prof. Miron Amusya, the chief researcher of FTI of Ioffe, Russia

Alexander Birdzher, Oregon, USA

Alexander Bakaleynik

Viktor Bogdanovych, Germany

Leonid Charney, USA

Sofia Eksler

Irene Feldman, Potomac, Maryland, USA

Lev Gavartin, Germany

Alexander Gelman

Tatyana Goldovskaya – Pimenova, Dettenkhauzen, Germany.

Elena Greenberg, Frankfurt, Germany

Grigori Greenberg, USA

Gregory Gurevich, USA.

Prof. Doctor, writer Chingiz Guseynov

Zhanna Zharkova, Hamburg, Germany

Alexander Kalantyrsky, chairman of the Union of liquidators veterans of Chernobyl

Prof. Vladimir Kiyevsky, Melbourne, Australia

Izabella Kogan

Leonid Komissarenko, Freiburg, Germany

Nahum Krupetskiy, Germany

Isanna Lurye, SPb, Russia

Mikhail Mariupolsky

Elizabeth Mezhuyeva

Lidiya Mirchevskaya, Frankfurt, Germany

Polina Mozgachyova, Germany

Mikhail Morgulis

Valeri Moreno, San Francisco, USA

Irina Niderman

Alexander Ostrovsky

Vladimir Pevzner, Brizban, Australia

Diamar Pechersky

Mechislav Pecherskiy, Germany

Dr. Lev Preygerman

Ilya Rechitsky, SPb, Russia

Evgeny Revin, Belarus

Violetta Surikova, Russia


Natalia Tyshkevich, Russia

Bella Feldman

Grigori Feldman

William Flekkel

Boris Fradkin

Lidia Chagall, Hamburg, Germany

Mikhail Etingof, Moscow, Russia

Naum Yasinov, Russia

Peter Vayshenker

Evgeny Vaksman

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