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Discussion on the theme : opposition to Arab expansion in Judea and Samaria

Published on: 2014-05-05 @ 23:41

Discussion on the theme : opposition to Arab expansion in Judea and Samaria


Amusia Miron, a physics professor , writer ;

Arie Baratz , writer, religious philosopher ;

Michael Goldenberg , chairman of the Jewish National Movement ” House of David” .

Alexander Gordon , a physics professor , writer ;

Roland Kulessky , Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, poet, essayist , painter ;

Vadim Makarenko , writer, historian , journalist, chief editor of the news website, candidate of economic sciences .

Alex Tarn, Israeli writer , essayist , translator, finalist award ” Russian Booker in 2007 .”

Mark Avrutin,the executive director of the public movement ” International support for Israel,” writer – publicist, leads the discussion

 The theme for discussion proposed by the social movement “International support for Israel ” is the initiative to combat the Arab territorial expansion through the establishment by Diaspora Jews of new settlements of free sites in Samaria and Judea.

This initiative is intended to intensify the settler movement in Israel giving it an international character and offers Diaspora Jews “soft” way of aliyah .

Phased implementation of the project through participation of Diaspora Jews in the settlement movement can be represented as follows:

1. Registering the branch association in Israel of the “International support for Israel”;

2 . Geodesic search and registration area ;

3 . Legal consolidation area ;

4 . Budgeting for construction of the village including infrastructure and security system.

5 . Processing the loan to finance the construction of the settlement;

6. Construction of settlements in the first pilot 50-60 houses 50-60;

7. Providing homes to Diaspora Jews – members of the association – in the long-term use of concessional (rent does not include repayment of the loan – only interest payments and services provided ) with the possibility of foreclosure.

8. making the decision to build a second settlement according to the results of the first experiment

This project provides an opportunity to join the Diaspora Jews to life in Israel in the conditions close to real and are fundamentally different from those that are for tourists. It is actually a life in their own homes and on their land. It is assumed that some part of the new settlers decide “to live in the Land of Israel”, according to the commandment”.

 The legal basis for the proposed project is unrevoked decision by the League of Nations taken in 1920 to the development of the Balfour Declaration . In accordance with this decision, the mandate has been prepared for temporary control of the former Ottoman Palestine which provided for the establishment in the territory of the Jewish nation-state. However, even before the mandate has entered into force, the Great Britain gave the entire eastern part of Palestine for the establishment of an Arab Emirate of Transjordan on which territory Jews were forbidden to settle. In 1947, the UN has decided to set up on the remaining ( western ) part of Palestine the two states – Jewish and Arab – although according to the UN Charter, all earlier decisions of the League of Nations remained in force .

Thus, both the creation of an Arab state in the eastern part of Palestine and the division of its western part between Arabs and Jews contradict the League of Nations’ decree of 1920 and the articles of the mandate on the temporary rule over Palestine of 1922 . Especially unauthorized is the ban for Jews to settle in Judea and Samaria nowadays.

Arie Baratz notes that in the international community there is consensus regarding the ineligibility of Jewish settlement activity in Judea and Samaria which is equivalent to an “occupation”. In fact, the Jews are in their full right to settle in those lands. Typically, the proponents of this right recall that having captured the “West Bank”, Israel has seized the occupied territory (Jordan) and not a sovereign territory of the Palestinian state of which no- one recalled before 1967. Thus, Israel has received the right to control the territory. More rarely they remember that all decisions of the League of Nations (including the recognition of the right of Jews to settle in Palestine) remain valid in the basis of the UN Charter.

But even if the League of Nations had not proclaimed this right in its time, the Jewish people still had to seek it at least because the foundation of the Jewish faith includes the requirement of residing in Eretz Yisrael, the core of which are Judea and Samaria.

However, as Vadim Makarenko notes, opponents of Israel do not see behind the 1967 or 1947 ‘s. However much they are being told about Israeli interests, they only see their own interests. We are confronted with the fact that it is practically impossible to convince the opponent .  Any decision goes through when it is imposed by force. But Israel has consistently demonstrated willingness to make unilateral concessions . It is perceived by the Arabs as a manifestation of weakness . Therefore, the most effective way to counter Arab expansion in Judea and Samaria is apparently a Jewish expansion .

Myron Amusia recalls that Israel always demanded concessions to the Palestinian Arabs . In response, he was promised an ” international guarantees .” Now in light of the recent events – the Russian- Ukrainian conflict – it is especially clear that these guarantees are worth nothing at all. One must only rely upon self , and Israel has the necessary conditions for this – efficient army , industry , science , culture and education . Nowadays it is important to say “yes” to the development and construction all over the country and in the first place – in Judea, Samaria and throughout the united Jerusalem as well as willingness to be responsible for it and not being afraid of biased human trial , including , for example , the Hague Court . Yet these events have shown that lack of reaction is detrimental and important for Israel as it triggers expansion of the Palestinian Arabs .

Alexander Gordon , considering the appearance of the ” Palestinian people” , shows how the situation has changed as a result of the Six Day War in 1967 . When the Arab honor was severely wounded by defeat in the war , it has become indecent to represent the Arab-Israeli conflict as a clash between large Arab world and small Israel. It is much more profitable to present it as “aggression” of big Israel against “little heroic Palestinian people.” To enhance this propaganda move, Arabs attributed to the Palestinian people of the Jewish traits – small, scattered , living in the diaspora , driven , dispossession , suffering from genocide people.

So there was an inversion of roles, and the myth of the ” Palestinian people ” was born, previously unthinkable even in the Arab media. The Arab world – Goliath , which proved beaten in the Six Day War by Israeli David, managed to outweigh signs declaring Israel Goliath and giving rise to David – Palestinians who qualify for national liberation to throw stones . Thus , the Palestinian people are not born of the creative aspirations to build a new national home but an attempt to displace the Zionists from the Middle East. The Palestinian people appeared not for themselves but against others. Their love for the country , which did not exist before the Israelis, is fed with hatred. Lies repainted truth.

As for the project of “soft” aliyah , Alexander Gordon believes that half- solutions are not effective . In addition, it raises a number of questions . Who will provide security and feed such settlement ? Who will provide it with electricity ? Future settlers , Jews, citizens of the EU countries are likely to be perceived as trouble makers in Israel and in countries whose nationality they hold. And they can only find support within the local Jewish settlers which is  not enough.

However, implementation of the ” soft” Aliyah provides self-financing and not becoming a burden on the Israeli taxpayers. Securing of new settlements is entrusted onto private security companies using the latest intruder alarm systems that eliminate the need for additional troops. Food supply to settlements could be provided, for example , the Association of settlers in Judea and Samaria, of course, at market prices. Electricity is also to be paid on the existing rates.

Alex Tarn considers the Zionist project of a Jewish return to the Land of Israel from the historical point of view and flags four main steps: accumulating of sufficient quantity of people in The Land; forming of facilities and structures of the future state of the Jews; consolidation and strengthening of the Jewish state during the “period of war”. Now the project has entered the fourth stage in which , in particular, has sharply increased the activity of anti-Israeli left- liberal lobby ( LLL ) which became the main ally of Arabs in the struggle for elimination of Israel .

Alex Tarn believes that the fourth step requires personal presence , not only – and not so much in The Country’s borders but on the banks of the Seine and the Rhine , the Thames and the Tiber River, the Hudson and La Plata. That’s where one needs to lead a difficult , tedious advocacy . At this stage, for Israel it is much more useful the presence of European and American Zionists wherever they are now.

But Tarn’s proposal is neither contrary nor canceling the fight against territorial expansion , both on the part of Israeli Arabs and Arabs in Judea and Samaria – their magnitude of housing in Israel and the Palestinian Authority takes one aback. A territory, initially allocated for the establishment of a Jewish state almost 100 years ago, is shrinking like a pebble leather and the  process unfortunately continues. The result of, G-d forbid, may be belittling of the State of Israel to Tel Aviv.

Of course , it is necessary to expose the statements by PA that the Arabs “live under a racist and fascist occupation.” After all , they live in luxury villas. It would be possible to publish the colorful photo albums, and demonstrate them, in particular, on the international book fairs , instead of false books by Zand, translated into dozens of languages.

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