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Yes, I support Israel


Published on: 2014-04-07 @ 15:29



Somehow this subject is always on the front pages, it is on TV, it is always on radio. The most important thing is that the matter is raised again and again: the current statistics shows that this year the topic was raised even more often than in the previous year. The matter under discussion is that the life of Jewish community in Europe is under threat: there are cases of vandalism that are increasing, there are cases of religious fanaticism and just pure chauvinism towards European Jews. At that, this phenomenon extends at the mixed families, the families of assimilated Jews.

 Above all, this phenomenon frightens the Jews themselves. They demand that measures be taken. But before they understand that there is right time to leave, it seems they are impossible to comprehend that everything has its concealed implications. Long ago three European emperors offered European Jewry to move to Middle East, to Palestine. They pledged to help them financially to uild their own state. But the Jews considered the offer as a pretext to deprive them of habitual and comfortable life in homelike Europe and to throw them out into the sands and to malaria of Promised Land.

 By the time they were rather assimilated participants of French evolutions and other events. And they imagined that they can be as other any other nation. They imagined it without the ability to grasp that that particular thing was prohibited for them: the “Seal of Zion” marked their fates, which determined that those who renounced The Predestination, are doomed for death. They did not comprehend that The Most High, who pledged allegiance for His people, will demand “the same faithfulness” from them themselves. And those who did not understand anything, who so comfortably settled down, He would make to live among the most envious people and awful enemies.

 They forgot about the holiness of the land that The Creator promised to their forefathers. They supposed that one can live in Europas, Americas, Russias, Avstraliyakh, on all continents, becoming rich, becoming satanic, but failing to understand why they do not feel themselves warm, why there are always wars and fires around them. They prayed, they pronounced “Shma!”, but they failed to understand that they committed sacrilege. Because the words of holy prays pronounced beyond the boundary of Holy Land, in alien countries, it is a desecration, it is like a prayer pronounced in a lavatory. And it is prohibited by our all-time tradition, by all laws of creation. They became deaf and blind, which means they did not hear the words of prophets and, what is the most important, they lost the ability to hear each other. They became doomed for all kinds of cataclysms of their time. They became doomed for “meat cauldrons” of foreign countries, for plunder of all robbers of big roads, and doomed for unfair trial.

 That is all His lash against the forgetful people. And foreign nations, among whom you never counted, are expelling you. It goes even there, where you created science, culture; it goes on lands which were barren before you had come. You wrote thousands of books, you fought in their wars, but all that will never mean anything. Everything flows, everything changes. The millstones spill, they grind your bones, they grind your blood. It is for reason that you do not feel His presence, His ire. His “lash” dissects not only flesh, but cuts bone as well; His “lash” discontinue the future of those, “who preferred to be as everyone”, as all the rest.

 There is no use to complain about surrounding nations, since if being asked why they do this, they will not be able to explain. They will not explain what demon stirs up their mind. But all your problems will end at the land of your forefathers, the land you hate so much while still living in appealing overseas. Because The Creator kept His word, when He promised: “I will gather you all, even if you be scattered near the stars themselves!”

 You know perfectly well that a bad dancer has a thousand explanations to offer why he is so bad dancer. You are not being warned here by me, and you are not being warned right now. The whole thousand years course of our history warns you. Do not complain that others are not giving you the way of life you like! That is what you are to balame yourselves!

Michael Goldenberg.

Chairman JNM “David’s House”


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