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Yes, I support Israel


Published on: 2014-03-17 @ 23:31


                                                                                                                                                     Israeli Prime Minister

                                                                                                                                  Speaker of the Israeli Knesset

                                                                                              Leaders of Jewish organizations in the Diaspora


One hundred years ago, after the entry of Turkey in the First World War there was hope for the first time for the possibility of practical implementation of the Zionist project .


Today, the split in the Muslim world on the basis of religion followed by civil wars has weakened the intensity of anti-Israeli aggression.

In both cases Jews, especially religious ones, are inclined to see the saving intervention of God. But it is well known : God helps those who help themselves.


Split is disastrous for Israel no less than it is disastrous for the Arab countries .

Most Israelis see the Jews of the Diaspora as a “sliced loaf”. Incessant struggle between the “left” and “right” Zionists, secular and religious, the struggle within the religious camp between different currents, weakens Israel.


Truly visionary was the decision of the League of Nations in 1920 to grant the Jews all over the world right to settle along the land of Eretz Yisrael. In the case of its implementation in accordance with the mandate of 1922, it could be life-saving for millions of European Jews. But no one sought to implement it: neither the Socialist Zionists who head the Yishuv nor the British military administration.


Nowadays, the struggle for the restoration of this right, in our opinion, could not only protect Israel from the internal rift that is able to destroy it again. The struggle is able to unite the Israelis and Diaspora Jews for whom death may become and alternative to aliyah in the perspective. Death of the Jews through assimilation or just a physical death.


Strengthening of anti-Semitism, especially in Europe, will accelerate the realization of this fact. But by the time you may find that the vacant land for the resettlement of new immigrants in Israel will be gone.


In this regard, we call on the Government of Israel and the Knesset, urging them to consider the following issues:

      -        adoption of status of the land of Israel (from Galilee and Golan Heights in the north to Eilat in the south, from Jordan in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west) as a single and indivisible territory;

  • consolidation of this territory for the Jews all over the world;
  • readiness to give every Jew in Israel a land allotment on the rights of private property.With positive addressing of these issues the Zionist project will get the second wind.Construction of new settlements with Diaspora Jews participating, where they could live in compact groups under conditions of their usual infrastructure, will contribute to the revitalization and expansion of the settler movement and give it an international character.We also call upon the leaders of the Jewish organizations in the Diaspora with an appeal to extend the work in the Jewish communities to explain the impending danger to Jews from Islamization, worsening of standard of living on the background of continuously falling moral and ethical levels. As it has always been in history, Jews will be again found guilty in all misfortnes.Initiative group :

    Mark Avrutin , executive director of the public movement “International support for Israel”, Germany ;

    Prof. Miron Amusia, Israel ;

    Aneta Amusia , Israel ;

    Dr. Arie Baratz , Israel;

  • Associate Professor Alexander Bizyak,  Israel; 
  • Associate Professor, Dr. Moses Boroda , Germany;
  • Dr. Leonid Eylman , USA;

    Prof. Sergey Polyak, Israel.

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