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APPEAL to the Jews of the Diaspora

Published on: 2014-01-19 @ 20:08

APPEAL to the Jews of the Diaspora

  David Ben-Gurion once said that “The soil and the country of Israel on the basis of international, historical and natural laws is an indivisible property of the Jewish people living in the world and not a single Prime Minister has right to give any inch of this land ! We insist on the fact that this situation persisted and that no international public opinion and no pressure could change this position”.

It concerned the following documents. Decision passed by the League of Nations on April 24 , 1920 at a conference in San Remo, on the polity of the former Ottoman Palestine. In accordance with this decision, the entire territory of the former Ottoman Palestine was intended only for resettlement of Jews and recreation of “a national home of the Jews.”

 To assist the Jewish community of the Ottoman Palestine, given its weakness on one hand and complexity of its tasks on the other, it was decided to provide the Mandate for temporary management of the site to one of the members of the League of Nations. Such mandate was granted to the UK in 1922. Under the terms of the Mandate the duties included helping Jews in restoring the  state of Israel, creation of the state machine, accepting millions of immigrants and, finally , protection of Jews from possible hostile actions of the local population .

 The text of the Mandate sets out regulations aimed at protecting the rights of Jews throughout the former Ottoman Palestine. In Article 5 of the Mandate, an exclusive right to create a Jewish state on the territory of the former Ottoman Palestine was recorded. It set a ban on creation of any other state on this territory other than state created by the Jewish community. Accordingly, even an attempt to create any other state was considered a violation of international law.

  In furtherance of this article in the Mandate, additional rules were introduced. They endorsed an unconditional right of Jews to immigrate to Palestine and to settle anywhere in the former Ottoman Palestine and also prohibit anyone interfere with this process. Therefore, any decisions limiting the settlement of Jews throughout the former Ottoman Palestine – whoever they were reached by – were considered a violation of international law.

  There is an article in the United Nations charter (article 80 of the 12th chapter) about keeping in force the League of Nations’ Mandates (including the British Mandate on Palestine). Therefore, the UN resolution of 1947 on establishment of two states in Palestine – the Jewish and Arab – was adopted in violation of the non-cancelled document of the League of Nations . It was only there to try and intimidate the Government of Israel and force it to violate Solutions of the League of Nations. The UN itself could not make a decision contrary to the terms of its creation.

 The Solutions of the League of Nations are also mandatory for Arab countries at least because the same solution for division of the Ottoman Empire sits in the basis of statehood of these countries (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.). Therefore, the denial of eligibility of the Mandate for Ottoman Palestine entails the loss of basic foundations of statehood of the Arab countries.

  Consequently, the Government of Israel has no right to give up part of this site for creation of a non-Jewish state. But the Israeli government cannot prevent occupation of its territory by resettling of Israeli Arabs and Arabs of PA on it. The only practical way of inhibition of this process is the settlement movement in which Diaspora Jews could partake.

  In contrast to the acquisition of real estate by Diaspora Jews in the cities of Israel, which only contributes to higher prices , their participation in the settlement movement would serve the interests of Israel , for the reasons stated above. The Jews of the Diaspora, not ready to repatriate for various reasons, would benefit from it by spending more time in Israel on their land and in their homes. It would give opportunity for all relatives and friends scattered across different countries and continents, to gather round. Perhaps, over time, some of them would be integrated and would remain in Israel permanently. In the meantime, Israel must become a truly native place for all Jews without exception.

  The territory from Galilee and Golan in the north to Eilat in the south, from Jordan in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west, is a single, indivisible environmental array , the minimum necessary for the existence of only one state . There are studies that confirm this conclusion which defied the UN when solving the problem of the elimination of the British Mandate for Palestine in 1947.

  In view of the foregoing, we consider “the Oslo” agreement to be a result of criminal conspiracy that must be cancelled, and all restrictions on the settlement of Jews in Judea and Samaria – withdrawn. We encourage Diaspora Jews who share the desire to build yourself housing in the capital of Samaria and Judea , to respond to this appeal by letter-application , placing it on the site « International support for Israel ” or sending to the editorial office of the site

 Mark Avrutin ,

Executive Director of the Public movement „International support for Israel”

executive editor of the site




I believe that Jews in the Diaspora , in accordance with the decisions of the League of Nations from 1922 , which remain in force today, under a special UN resolution adopted in the formation of this organization, undoubtedly allow Jews to settle or acquire land throughout the former British Mandate of Palestine, part of which is Judea, Samaria and Gaza .

 Our grandfathers and grandmother collected the money and purchase land in Palestine in which Jews settled later . This movement played a significant role in the transformation of what was once called the ” Jewish house ” in the State of Israel . I do not see any objective obstructions based on accepted international laws, for the Diaspora Jews to validate their rights to purchase land not inhabited by other people. Such step , of course, would be met by condemnation from the Arab world leaders and their patrons. But it seems to me, these condemnations are impossible to justify by the accepted international laws. Of course, such move by enthusiastic Jewish pioneers of the 21st  century is very useful for the State of Israel and its people. It would mean that international Jewry has not forgotten about their rights based , in addition to international resolutions , on the historical right to ancestral land , and on the right of precedent based on the fact of Israel’s existence for 65 years and on a real settlement of Israel , including significant areas of Judea and Samaria , by the Jews.

 Of course , the path of the pioneers of the 21st century is unlikely to be easy – money paid to the cashier and got a block of land to start building . This action will undoubtedly meet strong opposition not only by hostile neighbours  but also those in Israel , including some of its leaders , who spend so much effort in trying to pass this part of the state to its enemies. At best, they are driven by vain hope to get “forgiveness” for the mere fact of Israel’s existence on a very small piece of land , a small proportion of the actual land of Israel.

These people will obstruct every step of the 21st century pioneers as well as they repeatedly hampered earlier. But being a pioneer is not just something that gives rights. This is what puts the responsibility on someone who decided to go the new path . I am confident their perseverance , should it show,  will be compensated by strengthening a security of Israel and all Jews around the world. The names of the pioneers of the 21st  century will be the names of new streets of Israeli cities and towns.

Baruch Aba or Welcome , applicants for their legal rights !

Prof. Physics Miron Amusia




Dear friends !

What is the situation now in Israel?

From year to year , both groups – Palestinians and Jews – merge more and more . On the one hand , the merger must pass through the Jewish settlement policy pursued in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. On the other hand – the union and the merger will deepen evenly with a huge increase in the proportion of Arab labour in all parts of Israel. In each erected building, each seeded block of land, each plant in need of manpower, in all restaurants, hotels , institutions, municipal facilities – tens of  thousands of Palestinians from all parts of the country are involved every day. Among them are: the young Palestinians from Nablus , Gaza , al- Taiba , al- Jalil and Hebron .

 The partition of Palestine into two states will be useless and even more so – almost unreal. After the division, neither the state by the name of Israel nor the state called Palestine will exist. Those who support the division of Palestine into two states are either completely unfamiliar with the region and its demographic situation or they want to get rid of this problem in every possible way, putting the responsibility on the shoulders of Jews and Palestinians. By doing this , we will proclaim that the problem is solved being at the same time insincere in his words . By doing this, we will lay the cornerstone for a new confrontation and conflict. Therefore, the Israeli government insists on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Settlement movement of the Diaspora Jews would certainly de facto contribute to this.

 Dr. Leonid Eylman .

San Francisco , United States

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