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Yes, I support Israel

Open letter

Published on: 2013-11-25 @ 18:29


Open letter

Attention Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Attention Mr Secretary of State , John Kerry

We hereby appeal to you in connection with the ongoing pressure on the Israeli government by the international community, which, using various methods (boycott, increasing intolerance towards Israel and Jews, etc.) tends to force it to the elimination of settlements in Judea and Samaria to accelerate the creation of the Palestinian state on these territories.

Dear Mr John Kerry, you certainly are aware of documents and decisions on the polity of the former Ottoman territory of Palestine. David Ben-Gurion once declared “On the basis of international, historical and natural law, the earth and the country of Israel is an indivisible property of the Jewish people living in the world and not a single Prime Minister has the right to give any inch of this land! We insist on the fact that this situation persisted and no international public opinion or pressure could change this position.”

Fully sharing and supporting this position by David Ben Gurion, we believe that the Israeli government has the authority to speak on behalf of all Jews only when it controls or at least claims the entire territory of the former Ottoman Palestine.

Dear Mr John Kerry, you might not know about this statement of the first Prime Minister of Israel but you should be familiar with the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism signed on 25.02.2009. Declaration draws attention to the resurgence of anti-Semitism in politics, international relations and in society as well as the dramatic increase in reported hate crimes against Jews.

Unfortunately, the acceptance of the Declaration was only endorsed by 400 state and public figures from 40 countries (half were members of Australian Parliament). This indicates at both the latent anti-Semitism and fear to speak out against this shameful phenomenon in today’s world.

In such circumstances, it is a crime to put pressure on Israel to have abandoned areas designated for the Jewish people and thus deprive them of the possibility of finding a refuge from the growing anti-Semitism in today’s living. The recent reports of rising anti-Semitic incidents in France by 58 per cent, in Belgium by30 per cent and in Denmark by100% may serve as a confirmation.

And in case if you, Mr Kerry, have not signed this Declaration, you have no moral right to participate in the preparation of negotiations on Judea and Samaria and in deciding on the matter. If the declaration bears your signature then together with the Government of Israel you take the full measure of responsibility before all Jewish people to preserve the specified territories for them.

We also believe that we should stop talking and writing “Palestinians” and start talking aloud and write ARABS . In accordance with the BENCHMARK DOCUMENTS, we believe Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria should be recognized by the world community as a territory for settlement by Jews under the jurisdiction of the State of Israel.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you agree with the contents of this letter, please contact our editors at and advise about your readiness to sign it, indicating the country of residence.

Mark Avrutin, executive director of the public movement “International support for Israel”, the site editor /

Karl Abraham, Germany

Mark Avrutin, executive director of the public movement ” International support for Israel “, Germany

Boris Altshuler, MD, chairman of the society «Deutsche Aschkenas-Gesellschaft»

Leonid Berdichevsky, chairman lit. Club of the Jewish Community of Berlin

Moisey Boroda, PhD, Associate Professor. Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation , Germany

Helen Greenberg, a member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine

Leonid Eylman, Ph.D., author and historian, USA

Zozulina Irina, Moscow, Russia , teacher

Kapelnitsky Sergei, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher, physicist,

Moscow, Russia

Faina Karanovic, Germany

Yan Kvashnik, Germany

Konstantin Kerbel, Germany

Vladimir Lubanovsky, Ph.D. , Germany

Joseph Malkiel, Germany

Vladimir Pevzner, Ph.D. , Australia

Angela Podolsky, Germany

Sergei Pyshnyi, Germany

Tatiana Ustinskaya, Germany

Nahum Faydgel, Germany

Bronislava Furmanova, Germany

Arthur Stilman, USA, former Metropolitan Opera soloist

Tatiana Stilman , USA, former teacher Harlem School of the Arts

David Janowski, Germany

Lily Yanovska, Germany

Khaykin, Oleksandr, Germany

Ifraimov, Albert, Germany

Mirkin, Vladimir, Germany

Zabolovski, Felix, Germany

Yudoviych, Borys, Germany

Ashurov, Alexander, Germany

Solomonovs, Samuils, Germany

Dobrovetski, Alexander, Germany

Lewin, Anatoli, Germany

Finkelstein, Mihail, Germany

Freydlin, Leyba, Germany

Suchman, Jakov, Germany

Burbaickij, Vladimir, Germany

Kats, Arkadiy, Germany

Scholz, Michael, Germany

Opeskin, Alexander, Germany

Frankfurt, Leo, Germany

Skalnik, Viktor, Germany

Sokolski, Semen, Germany

Epchtein, Lew, Germany

Mints, Yuri, Germany

Nikiforov, Vladimir, Germany

Dunavetsky, Michael, Germany

Kuznetsov, Matvey, Germany

Victor Yelistratov, USA

Israel Melamud, USA

Gitel Melamud, USA

Lotseva Nadezhda, Russia

Edward Chayka , USA


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