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Exchange of Letters with European Union concerning its attempt to boycott Israeli settlements

Published on: 2013-11-24 @ 13:18

From: Europe Direct []
Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 5:14 PM
Subject: [Case_ID: 0799052 / 5787722] Boycott Israeli Settlements

Dear Mr Amusia,

Thank you for your message which was forwarded to the responsible services of the European External Action Service (Middle East Division 2) for their input. Please find the reply to your inquiry below:

“The adoption of the EU guidelines on funding – published in Official Journal of the European Union C-205* of 19 July 2013 – is in conformity with the EU position of non-recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the territories occupied by Israel in June 1967. The EU does not recognise that the occupied territories – including the settlements built in them – are part of the State of Israel and cannot allow EU taxpayers’ money to benefit these settlements.”

We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions.

*Follow this path to access a document in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union: type the year, the OJ series (L for legislation and C for information and notices) and the OJ number > press “Search” > click on the page number in the right margin.

With kind regards,

EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre



Dear Europe Direct,

The resolution of EU commission to boycott Israeli settlements is more scandalous than the infamous UN resolution equaling Zionism and racism and without any doubt will have the same shameful fate. This resolution is an open help to terrorists and their ardent supporters, in this sense reminding infamous Munich agreements of 1938. The rights of Jews to live in any part of former British Mandate Palestine is based on the League of Nation resolution dated back to 1922, validated by the UN resolution in 1944. The juristic justification of the rights of the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria to exist was presented by numerous world acclaimed lawyers, experts in international law. Nothing, except aggression of Arab states in 1948, 67 and 73 as well as corruption of Arafat and his followers prevented creating an Arab state in the former Palestine already long ago. I rule out ignorance of the members of the EU commission. Rather I see in their resolution a desire to calm the Arab nationalists and their supporters all over the world. However, it is naïve and false to assume that Muslim extremists’ riots in, e.g. Paris or Stockholm, or “armed defense” of Prophet Mohammed’s dignity are consequences of Israel “occupation” of Judea and Samaria. I urge you immediately to dismiss the resolution of the EU commission. If it will not be dismissed now, it is you who will be accused by history, just as it was with Chamberlain. History is a merciless judge.
Miron Amusia, professor, doctor of physics and mathematics, veteran of WWII, Israel and Russia. 18. 09. 2013.



Dear Mr Amusia,
Thank you for your message and for sharing your opinion with us. We hereby confirm that your message has been forwarded to the services of the European External Action Service, which have taken note of it.
The EU prepared guidelines to prevent settlement-based entities and activities from benefitting from support under EU funding instruments. These guidelines will allow Israel’s participation in many EU programmes and funding instruments, such as the Horizon 2020 EU research programme, while banning Israeli settlement-based entities and activities from benefiting from EU support under these programmes and instruments.
The guidelines are in accordance with international law and reinforce the EU’s long-standing position regarding Israel’s sovereignty over the settlements and are not negotiable. Their publication puts EU policy on a more transparent and – quite importantly – enforceable footing as there have been a number of instances in recent years where EU funding inadvertently supported activities in settlements.
The European External Action Service and all services of the European Commission proceed now with preparing the implementation of the guidelines as from 1st January 2014. Given their horizontal application, this needs developing practical modalities relevant for the different EU programmes that are relevant in this case. The strong backing from EU Member States and the European Parliament motivates the EEAS and Commission services to fully and effectively implement the spirit and requirements of the guidelines.
We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions.
With kind regards,

EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre. Thursday, September 26, 2013-



Dear Europe Direct,

Thank you for your response from September 26 to my letter dated back September 18. Due to personal reasons I am able to respond only now.

Your letter includes information that is of interest to me, but demonstrates that the ideas of the EU boycott by what you call “banning Israeli settlement-based entities and activities from benefiting from EU support”, has no legal ground. Of course, Israel has the option to support her own activity but without your help. But in your response you totally ignored the legal side of the problem, missing the point of the League of Nations resolutions that permits Jews unconditionally to settle at any free land of former Mandate of Palestine, “including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes” (Article 6, The Mandate for Palestine, 24.07.1922).

The place of location of the Jewish settlements never belonged to any other State or individuals. It means that they cannot be considered illegal from the point of view of the international law as well as all the area of Samaria and Judea cannot be considered as occupied, since it never legally belonged to any other country. And indeed, these lands are usually named disputed instead of occupied. The word “disputed” emphasizes, according letter and spirit of the Security Council resolution 242, that the fate of these lands could be a subject of future international agreements that would establish defensible and acceptable for all sides state borders. As you perfectly well know, no such binding agreements exist till now.

This point of view was recently reiterated in a letter signed by very many internationally acclaimed lawyers – experts in International law. The same was the conclusion of a special commission of Israeli Jurists (so-called Levi commission) that stated that Israeli settlements are absolutely legal from the point of view of International law. Note that the independence of Israeli Juristic system upon the state and even public opinion is well known all over the world.

You write: “The guidelines are in accordance with international law and reinforce the EU’s long-standing position regarding Israel’s sovereignty over the settlements and are not negotiable.” From my point of view, as I argued above, the guidelines are in strong disagreement with the International law, openly violating previous binding international agreements and SC resolution. As such, they should be not negotiable but abandoned.

I want also to reiterate that the EU guidelines present a one-sided step, helping to strengthen the power of the corrupted leaders of so-called Palestinian autonomy over their people. The implementation of these guidelines will bring troubles not only to Jews but also to Arabs, who suffer from their non-elected leadership in Ramallah. This is why I urge you to reverse you decisions before it is too late. The lesser you interfere, the closer is the times of peaceful and friendly coexistence of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East.

Let me repeat once more. I urge you immediately to dismiss the resolution of the EU commission. If it will not be dismissed now, it is you who will be accused by history, just as it was with Chamberlain. History is a merciless judge.

Miron Amusia, professor, doctor of physics and mathematics, veteran of WWII, Israel and Russia.   Saturday, November 23, 2013



Dear Europe Direct,

Is it true that Europe, scared with invasion of Muslims, decided to sacrifice Israel to the Islamists? Or the EU officials, not coping with their urgent tasks decided to switch public attention to the Arab-Israeli conflict? Is this due to the efforts of the European Union the number of anti-Semitic incidents increased by 58 percent within one year in France, by 30 percent in Belgium and by 100% in Denmark over the last three years ?

But the post-war Europe began with a prayer “Never again.”  Does it mean it turned into a slogan “Always again?” Although the grounds have changed but the hatred remains: anti-Semitism became known as anti-Zionism.

I just do not understand who are you – successors or hostages of those whose initiative laid the foundation of the “Euro-Arab dialogue “(SAD) who framed the agreements on resettlement of Muslims in Europe and spread the Arab-Islamic culture in European cities. Although this alliance with the Muslim Arab countries was meant to be a rivalry with the United States, it has led to the  recognition of a non-existent “Palestinian nation” by Europe and creation of a “Palestinian state” along with the attempts to delegitimize and oppress the State of Israel.

The Islamic world is becoming more aggressive thanks to your promotion by acquiring Western technologies and the “oil dollars”. Even the lefties are forced to say that Islam has become offensive.

The Palestinian Arabs have long turned from a minority needing your protection into the fifth column of Islamic aggression. In addition, they snatched a will for a final decision of the Jewish question from the former Nazis. A new subculture has formed in Europe under their influence. For example, in high schools, particular in France, the offensive nicknames against Jews poured and expanded into the youth slang. So the word “Jew” (juive) has become synonymous with the word “shit » (merde) and it is being used now for insulting not just a person but just any thing of bad quality.

Many prefer not to notice how the Arab pupils terrorise history teachers for the stories of the Holocaust or the physical culture teachers for immodest clothing, and biology teachers for explaining of the physiology of fertilization.

Anti-Semitism today is one of the weapons or methods of warfare being waged by Islamo-fascism and its western collaborators not only against Israel. Islamo-fascism war against Israel is just one of the fronts of the global Islamic revanchism so there cannot be a separate local victory. Islamic revanchism must be defeated on all fronts of civilization, be that Afghanistan, Kosovo, a suburb of Paris or the Northern Caucasus.

The hatred of people gathered on such broad theoretical platform of the new anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism materializes in the form of creation of new or “other” forms of warfare against Israel and against the Jews. The European civilization is threatened with death in this new “other” war if it does not dare to reconsider its fundamental principles, because it is not an ordinary but quite different war.

Muslims Islamic expansion has created a superiority complex over the rest of the population of the world. Violence is being justified by a pursuit for unity. Islam’s goal solemnised in the Koran is  capture, enslavement, robbery. Therefore, the world of Islam can not be considered a civilization for it is not self-sufficient. Not being able to even provide for themselves, it is embedded in civilized societies trying to blow them up from within and then capture and plunder.

So what to do? What have always been done for thousands of years? Staged a pogrom! All go and fight against the “Israeli occupation”! Strangle the Jewish towns and settlements in Judea and Samaria! Ban assigning grants to scientists at the Hebrew University! Ban funding research of  scientists and physicians! Demolish their offices as illegal structures and solemnly hand the freed territory over to the Palestinians – there is a considerable experience.

Since the end of the “occupation” of Gaza, Ashkelon alone was bombarded by 500 ( five hundred!) missiles. Many hit the buildings of schools, kindergartens, synagogues. At the same time the European Union supported the ” Hamastan ” both politically and economically. The European Union has decided to please the global jihad and sacrifice Jews once again.

Boycotting of Israel has not begun with the EU’s decision of 30.06.13. There has long been an Office for the Boycott of Israel which held the 72nd conference in Syria in April 2004 to discuss tightening of boycott. The three Arab countries – Mauritania, Egypt and Jordan have refused to take part in this conference.

Now something about the impact of settlements on the “peace process”. There were no Jews in the West Bank from 1949 to 1967 but the Arabs refused to make peace with Israel. From 1967 to 1977 during the reign of ” Labor ” only a few strategically important settlements were founded but the Arabs refused to negotiate peace.

In 1977 the settlement activity began to strengthen but it has not prevented the Egyptian president from signing a peace treaty with Israel. A year later, Israel froze settlements construction but the gesture did not contribute to the peace process and none of the Arab states responded to it.

In 1994, Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel without raising the issue of settlements. Moreover, the number of settlers living in the territories increased but the rapid growth of settlements has not prevented the Palestinians in September 1993 to sign the first agreement in Oslo and then – the second in September 1995.

In 2000, Ehud Barak offered to dismantle dozens of settlements but the Palestinians refused to put an end to the the conflict. In 2005 Israel abolished all settlements in Gaza and four settlements in northern Samaria but the terror continued.

Contrary, the settlement activity serves as peace stimulus between the parties to the conflict because according to the mayor Beth Lehem Elias Freija, “the Palestinians now realize that the time is on Israel’s side, enabling to build settlements and make everyone know. It becomes clear that the only way to solve the dilemma is to negotiate directly.”

So the obstacle to peace is not an existence of Jewish settlements but the Palestinian unwillingness to accept establishment of a state alongside Israel; they want to take its place. Hence the decision of the EU is nothing but a desire to support the Arab world in destroying Israel.

One might add that from a legal point of view, these territories have never belonged to any Arab state especially the Palestinians who never created a sovereign entity in any part of Palestine. Thus, the Jews are in their full right to settle in these free areas and the local population  have the full right to live there. Most of the settlements are built in unpopulated areas and never  evicted a single Palestinian. In addition, the entire area occupied by settlements constitutes at least 2% of the disputed territories.

Up to date, Israel is unable to fully resolve the issue of Jews expelled from Gaza though they had been there times less than in Judea and Samaria. A new evacuation from the West Bank would be much more painful event. But why does the question about the evacuation of the Jews ever pop up?

Did Jews attack Jordan in 49 or 67 years? In 49 Jordan annexed the West Bank and lost it in year 67 as a result of repeated attacks on Israel. Does Germany which started World War II and lost, demand that Russia returns Eastern Prussia or Poland returns Silesia? But theoretically it could demand after becoming a recognized leader in the European community. For example, Japan does demand but no-one interferes in its dispute with Russia. It makes clear that only the actions against the Jews are supported by the world community.

Mark Avrutin, Executive director of a social movement CDIAL & INSI



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