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Yes, I support Israel

From the editors

Published on: 2012-10-25 @ 21:01


The twentieth century has ceased rumbling: its wars and revolutions prematurely killed tens of millions of people. But in the heat of fires and in between wars survivors made unprecedented in its scale technological revolution. The result of this revolution was an apparent reduction in space. Days-long transfers between the continents bare now being committed within a few hours. In the second half of the twentieth century, the development of near-Earth and interplanetary space has begun. And in its last quarter, a unified information space has started to create. Improving of access to it continued into the new millennium. Communication capabilities between people have increased incredibly. Simultaneously, unprecedented in its power and destructive force nuclear energy has been developing. It became a”deterrent” for the responsible and sane people. It draws misfits and adventurers with an opportunity to turn us all into their hostages. At last a “fire” that made more than a sword has appeared and it is no longer a “fire and sword” but only fire which is seemingly able to achieve the goal, the last prophet proclaimed 14 centuries ago.

In that rattling twentieth century, they believed that “mothers would save the world.” At the beginning of the third millennium, this new world has seen the terrible dance of joy by Arab women who learnt that their “sons” blew the twin towers in New York and took with them thousands of innocent people to the next world.

Until then, the western world did not know much about the psychology of Eastern women-slaves who serve only an amusement and property for a man. Today, the children of these slaves sway the destinies of the world. They grew up in awareness that their mothers are defective people who kept locked to prevent sinning. But are, perhaps, “East” and “West”, in terms of evolutionary, empty words? Maybe it is just a “belated immaturity” that should be treated, and those uninsurable to treatment, isolated?

In order to discuss and make recommendations to address the problems faced by Western civilization, a public movement “Cultural dialogue and international support for Israel» (CDIAL & INSI) was launched within the European cultural studies society ART & VIVO.
“Cultural dialogue” is rather a wishful thinking. But “International support for Israel” is relevant, necessary and achievable goal.

Hamas founder’s son says on the need to support Israel: “If Israel falls, the Western civilization will follow.”

Pastor Hagee says: “Those who are in solidarity with Israel and Jewish people are required to send a loud and clear message to Israel, Iran, the United Nations and the world:”We support Israel today, will support it tomorrow and forever.”

Senator McCain’s brother says: “The Jews will no longer go meekly to the slaughter … Many will die .. mainly those who attack Jews.”

The same was said by Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, and many others. But for some reason their voices are drowned in the sea of anti-Israel hatred. It is due to lack of support by millions of people. The established movement intends to provide such support, combining all democratic forces, including political, social and religious organizations, individuals – anyone who openly supports Israel.

The round table “Dialogue of Cultures” is working on a permanent basis under the slogan “Searching Way Out” and will become the main uniting tool.

Moreover, the following groups will be set:

  • language support
  • continuous monitoring of the region of interest
  • study of the history of the diaspora
  • resistance to Anti-Israel propaganda
  • publishing

As the need arises, other areas of work may be brought up.

We suggest that you take active part in the activities of the social movement “International support for Israel” to prevent threats to bring down not only a man but demoralize whole mankind, eliminate all its achievements which were mentioned above.

— Executive director of a social movement CDIAL&INSI
Mark Avrutin —

Published by: Avrutin Mark
Posted under: Administrator, Editoral

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