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Yes, I support Israel


Published on: 2013-06-19 @ 21:46



Appeal to the parliaments and progressive parties and politicians, to independent media, to progressive online communities

Recent events in Boston and London, riots in Stockholm did not leave our creative online community, its authors and readers, unmoved. What the President of the United States and the British Premier euphemistically called terrorist acts, in fact, represents nothing else than a manifestation of Islamic extremism. Extremism preached by the ideology of radical Islam. The ideology of hatred and destruction, ideology directed against democracy, freedom and human rights. Destruction of modern civilization begins where it put down it roots and implanted medieval laws and traditions.

Aiming to achieve the global goal of Islamization of the world, radical Islam uses the recipe proven for centuries – a trickery (HALIM in Arabic). It was prophet Muhammad who recommended to achieve the goal by increasing the use of HALIM. Pseudo fight for the rights of the Palestinians, the pseudo protection of religious feelings of Muslims – HALIM covers all true goals of radical Islam.

Unfortunately, the trick succeeded. Purblind liberal politicians and paid media are on the sly dogs’ side. Those who try to show the true purpose of radical Islam are pounded by flurry accusations of racism and Islamophobia. Thousands of demonstrations and extremist actions, aimed to transform the theme of Islam and Muslims in untouchable are being held in response to any information or footage about the negative aspects of ideology of Islam.

Apparent is merging of Nazi ideology with the ideology of radical Islam, there is propaganda denying the Holocaust. Anti-isrelism anti-Semitism have soared high. The London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism was adopted by progressive parliamentarians and already signed in 60 states. Under false pretences not to offend Muslims, the attack on traditions and culture of the indigenous nations of Europe, who have taken the Muslims, is under way. Overly correct and helpful municipalities supersede the traditional Christmas trees, allow for Islamic patrols and sharia courts. The emblems of football clubs have been amended under the pretext that the alleged cross on the traditional club emblems reminds Muslims of the cruelty and humiliation period of the Crusades.

In retaliation for the ban to build new mosques in Switzerland nowadays, they started talking seriously about the cross on its flag offending Muslims too. What else will be demanded?Apparently, to remove crosses from the residence of the Pope, as Vatican blessed Crusades. Is all of this pertinent to the Palestinians and the real problems of ordinary Muslims in the Arab countries? All this, according to the ideologists of radical Islam, has to demonstrate its power and capabilities.

Hatred toward the “unfaithful” sowed by radical Islam, as the events in Boston and London have shown, has reached such a level that loners not related to any terrorist organizations are ready for extremism and terrorist acts. In these circumstances, the security services cannot prevent terrorist attacks, so everyone in any place at any time can be killed and maimed. And each time say good-bye forever when you leave for a moment – this is a real prospect.

Unfortunately, neither parliaments nor governments pay enough attention to the problem of the spread, influence and counteract of radical Islam. Moreover, they arm jihadists and then this weapon kills the American, British, French and Australian soldiers.

This policy is criminal and therefore fair is the question – how long will it last? Time for all the healthy forces require: It’s high time for all sober minds to require the Evil Spirit – Radical Islam – go back to bottle and seal forever. BACK TO BOTTLE, BACK TO BOTTLE.

P.S. All who agree with this appeal, kindly add your signature by sending personal data (name, surname, profession, place of residence) to the address of the editorial staff.

Mark Avrutin, executive director of the Public Movement “International support for Israel,” a writer – journalist, Germany.

Boris Altshuler, Dr. med. Writer-historian, Germany

Miron Amusia, professor of physics, Israel

Arie Baratz, a religious philosopher, writer, Israel

Sandro Belotsky, academician, MD, Israel

Alexander Bizyak, novelist, screenwriter, member of the Writers’ Union of Israel, Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor of Cinematography, Israel

Vladimir Bryuhanov, Dr. rer. nat, author and historian, Germany

Alexander Bulgakov, religious philosopher, writer, Russia

 Oscar Gornstein, pensioner of Army of Israel, Israel

Helen Grinberg, a member of the Association of Journalists of Ukraine

Leonid Eylman, Dr. ph, USA

Leonid Komissarenko, winner of the State Prize of the ex. USSR, Germany

Arcady Krasilshchikov, screenwriter, writer, member of the Union of cinematographers of Russia, Israel

Roland Kulessky, Professor, Doctor of Science, Israel

Anatoly Lipsky, professor, Dr.Sci.Tech., Israel

Yuri Magarshak, Professor, USA

Emil Mendzheritsky, Dr.Sci.Tech., Israel

Vladimir Pevzner,, Australia

Tatyana Pimenova , neurologist, Germany

Sergey Polyak , the professor, the winner of an award of Council of ministers of the USSR, Israel

Semen Taleysnik, Associate Professor, Israel

Vladimir Yankelevich, journalist, Israel

Thanks in advance.

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